Copyhackers – 10x Web Copy 2022

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Copyhackers – 10x Web Copy 2022

See how to engineer the website your business needs to eclipse quarterly growth goals, 10x Web Copy.

What should you do when your team lead pings you with “I’m seeing an uncomfortably high bounce rate on the home page”?

Answer: Pop into 10x Web Copy. And see how to confidently analyze the issue, hypothesize the cure AND actually write the optimized web copy your team needs to reduce bounce.

  • 5 modules, featuring 87 bite-sized training videos (with transcripts).
  • Dozens of over-the-shoulder tutorials so you can see plenty of web copy examples.
  • Plenty of website copy templates, worksheets and cheatsheets you can use to make writing your website fast.
  • Completion badge for LinkedIn or your website

Every conversion on your website relies on the words you put on the page.

Every lead you should generate…

Every sale you should close…

And every contact form submission you should receive…

… will – or won’t – happen because of your web copy.

The only exception to this rule is for extremely motivated buyers, like the diehard Apple fans who’ll sleep outside overnight, in a Coleman tent on the sidewalk just to get the latest-and-greatest iPhone (even if they can reserve and pay for their iPhone in advance).

If you know without a doubt that your web traffic is entirely made up of extremely motivated buyers – like Apple’s – then congrats:

You can exit outta this page now. You don’t need this training.

For the rest of us, with typical website visitors who don’t know our brand well, don’t necessarily care about us or our products at all and really just want to solve their most pressing problems pronto – or make their lives better…

Imagine having the website copywriting skills to confidently click “Publish” on web pages that coach your visitors to actually take the action you so desperately want them to take, like:

  • Webinar sign-up pages
  • Ebook download pages
  • Whitepaper lead-gen pages
  • Confirmation pages
  • Landing pages for your PPC ads funnels
  • Landing pages for Facebook ads funnels
  • Trial sign-up pages
  • Demo request pages
  • Discovery call booking pages

10x Web Copy shows you a methodical and repeatable process you can use to find the messages your reader needs to see to convert. For any web page. In any industry.

So the next time your team comes to you worried about the increasing bounce rate on your home page…

You can be the hero:

Because you can use your 10x Web Copy skills to confidently analyze the issue, hypothesize how you can cure the conversion problem AND write the optimized web copy your team needs to actually reduce your bounce rate.

Led by the original conversion copywriter, who’s written over 100 websites (and consulted on 10x as many). For websites in nearly every industry, from software to ecommerce to service-based businesses. And for web offers at every price point, from free mobile apps to 6-figure enterprise softwares.

With 10x Web Copy in your backpocket, you can confidently click “Publish” on every web page project added to your Asana, including:

  • Home pages
  • Product pages
  • About pages
  • Service pages
  • Contact pages
  • Landing pages

With 10x Web Copy, you’ll finally know exactly how to find the messages that convert. For any page. In any industry.

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