Copyhackers – 10x Landing Pages 2.0 2022

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Copyhackers – 10x Landing Pages 2.0 2022

See how to write landing pages that can convert visitors into leads. And leads into buyers. With 10x Landing Pages.

Even if you’ve struggled to make sense of what the hell goes on a landing page… or your idea of a campaign is an ad and a prayer… and your history of writing has been accompanied by such side effects as upset stomach and night sweats…

  • 40+ clear, step-by-step lessons (with transcripts).
  • Dozens of over-the-shoulder tutorials with landing page examples.
  • Dozens of worksheets and cheatsheets to help you plan and write the key components of a landing page.
  • Completion badge for LinkedIn or your website

With 10x Landing Pages, you can confidently click “Publish” on landing pages that can deliver the ROI your team desperately wants to brag about at the next quarterly KPIs meeting.

Here’s a secret:

The biggest challenge for marketers, founders and copywriters using landing page solutions – like LeadPages and Unbounce – isn’t creating a new page. It’s writing a new page.

And here’s why:

Most marketers, founders and copywriters write landing pages the same way they write home pages.

They treat landing pages like an afterthought, creating one – maybe two – a year.

They can’t assess what’s wrong with a landing page. Because they don’t actually know how to write it right.

They don’t know what to do beyond message matching and axing competing links from a landing page.

Which means:

They guess every single time they sit down to write a landing page.

And that’s a problem because:

Landing pages aren’t anything like your home page, or even your website. Because your home page and your website? They aren’t actually targeted.

And landing pages can – and should – be about as targeted as a web page can get:

You wanna create a Facebook ad funnel for single moms aged 25 to 30 living in Newport with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as their favorite TV show? Go for it — and craft a landing page designed specifically to convince AND convert that exact visitor.

^^ This ^^ capability to make landing pages so finely targeted creates unique rules for writing landing pages.

And it’s critical that you follow these unique rules because:

Landing pages are THE place you land hard-won subscribers and expensive PPC and Facebook ads traffic. So if you guess at every landing page project you write, you’re essentially throwing your hard-earned budget away. Because your landing page will not convert traffic the way that it could – and should.

Let your competitors fiddle with A/B testing button colors… while you make bank with ultra specific and highly targeted landing pages that are engineered to convince AND convert.

10x Landing Pages gives you the exact repeatable process to use…

… every time your client stares at you with doe eyes, praying your page lands 10x the leads…

… every time you open a blank doc and think “wtf can I say to get my audience to actually care about my offer?”…

… every time you need to create countless, highly targeted landers for ALL the PPC ads and FB ad sets your team wants to run. And get those pages live fast…

… every time your team pings you to review the PPC campaign page that once performed decently well but no longer delivers the 5x ROI needed to justify its ad spend (and your salary)…

So instead of softly whispering to yourself:

“Will this PPC lander optimization actually deliver the revenue the company needs to justify my salary?”

You can confidently click “Publish.” Because you know you’ve pulled every lever to launch a landing page engineered to hit your target.

With 10x Landing Pages in your toolkit, you can finally nail every landing page project that drifts across your desk, including:

  • Webinar sign-up pages
  • Ebook download pages
  • Whitepaper lead-gen pages
  • Confirmation pages
  • Landing pages for your PPC ads funnels
  • Landing pages for Facebook ads funnels
  • Trial sign-up pages
  • Demo request pages
  • Discovery call booking pages

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