Copyhackers – 10x Emails 2.0 2022

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Copyhackers – 10x Emails 2.0 2022

You can’t turn subscribers into buyers without copy. Get email marketing templates and strategies to help you write winning copy in 10x Emails.

Imagine what would be possible for your career if you could click “Send” on the next email to your list of 40K subscribers… without breaking into a cold sweat.

Enter: 10x Emails.

  • 4 modules, featuring bite-sized training videos (with transcripts).
  • Dozens of over-the-shoulder tutorials with email marketing examples.
  • Email templates, worksheets and cheatsheets.
  • Completion badge for LinkedIn or your website
  • PLUS! 12+ hours of recorded workshops for sales and SaaS emails.

See how to write winning email marketing and sales copy. So you can confidently push “Send” on every email you write. And bring in results worth bragging about. No guessing – or cold sweats – required.

Clicking “Send” on an email to your list of 40K subscribers shouldn’t give you the cold sweats.

Yet the Mailchimp send button – you know the one, with the chimp’s sweating arm hovering over the aggressively red button – sums up your email marketing experience perfectly.

^^ And unfortunately that’s a fairly normal experience for marketers, founders and copywriters everywhere…

… but it shouldn’t be.

Because as wildly nerve-wracking as clicking that big ‘ol “Send” button can feel… not to mention the blood, sweat and tears poured into fickle A/B testing, endless subject line work (and re-work), formatting, scheduling, conditional blocks, cadence and, oh yeah, writing the actual copy…

The opportunities for your email marketing to actually grow your business can be equally wild, like:

… a webinar signup campaign that sees 15% clickthrough and 3x’s the signup goals.

… a trial-to-paid conversion campaign for your software that sees 350% more conversions vs. the control.

When you know how to write the many, maaaaany different types of emails you can – and should – send, well, the results can be immediate, like:

… a single sales email that closes $10K in mere minutes during the final hour of your latest course launch.

Most of the work you’re used to in marketing is part of a “long game” strategy.

So the instant pay off that can follow pushing “Send” should be a thrill.

10x Emails exists so you can confidently push “Send” on every email you write. Because you have a clear understanding of what makes an email succeed (or fail).

Led by the very copywriter behind huge six- and seven-figure launches and high-performing SaaS email sequences, 10x Emails can help you strip away the gut-wrenching fear of email marketing.

Inside this training, you’ll get the email templates, frameworks, formulas, processes and repeatable techniques to plan, write and optimize emails that can bring in results worth bragging about. No sweaty Mailchimp arm required.

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