Copyhackers – 10x Launches 2022

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Copyhackers – 10x Launches 2022

Coach subscribers to convert with what you find in 10x Launches, the classic training program by Ry Schwartz that’s behind some of the biggest launches in digital marketing history.

What new career-defining doors would open if you could confidently click “Send” on your launch emails… without wondering “am I actually doing this whole launch thing right?”

With 10x Launches, you’ll see how to craft launch copy that connects deeply with your prospect. So you can feel confident that your copy will coach them to become your perfect buyer.

  • 7 modules, featuring bite-sized training videos (with transcripts)
  • Dozens of over-the-shoulder tutorials so you can see plenty of launch email examples.
  • 20+ launch email templates.
  • Completion badge for LinkedIn or your website.
  • PLUS! Plenty of workbooks and worksheets to help make researching and planning your launch emails easy.
  • BONUS! Minimum Viable Launch 2.0 training to help you engineer a lean launch fast.

You: “Fingers crossed that this is THE launch where we hit six figures.”

10x Launches: “Let’s make it seven.”

Early mornings, as dawn peeks over the horizon…

Late evenings, long after the sun has set…

And weekends spent longingly looking out the window at the world passing by you outside…

Spending countless hours tweaking this word and that phrase to get these launch emails just right.

They need to be just right. But you catch yourself second-guessing yourself at every turn…

When should you start sending the pre-launch emails?

Is this opening hook as strong as it should be?

Will this subject line actually stand out in an inbox?

How can I do this whole launch thing right, without layering on scuzzy sales tactics that just feel wrong?

And the worst part is:

You don’t truly know if your launch emails have what they need to get prospects to excitedly punch in their credit card details.

“Do I actually know what I’m doing?”

If you’re guessing at the copy you write, you’ll never stop asking yourself that question.

You’ll halfheartedly defend yourself, unsure whether your work is even worth defending.

You’ll always get awkward and insecure when someone challenges your work.

And you’ll work hours on a launch and wonder if you should burn the whole thing to the ground and start again.

But imagine what would be possible for you – and your career – if you could tackle every email launch plan with confidence?

  • The evergreen launch funnel you must engineer to sell your product like an always-on sales force.
  • The bi-annual product launch that must bring in enough cash to pay you – and your team’s – salaries.
  • The product launch for that new course you’ve been lovingly building for the last three years.

Without the hard sell that leaves your skin crawling.

Without throwing urgency, scarcity and a big ol’ spoonful of guilt at your prospect.

And without feeling like an overworked door-to-door sales rep.

With 10x Launches, you’ll see how to plan and write launch emails that zero in on delivering the right message, at the right moment in your purchaser’s journey so you can coach the conversion.

Get the launch email templates, tools, frameworks, formulas, processes and repeatable techniques used to launch six- and seven-figure products for the likes of Amy Porterfield and Todd Herman.

And ditch the guesswork for good.

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