Copyhackers – 10x Facebook Ads 2022

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Copyhackers – 10x Facebook Ads 2022

Get the Facebook ads templates and techniques that help even the most junior team member produce wow-worthy copy, with 10x Facebook Ads.

0.007 of a second. That’s all you get before the apathetic scroller swipes down the Facebook feed.

How can you be confident your ads have what it takes to make distracted scrollers pay attention AND actually take action?

Meet: 10x Facebook Ads.

See the step-by-step ads copywriting process developed while managing over $1M in ad spend. So you can write scroll-stopping ads that get the click. Without guessing. And without the costly “learnings” that nearly everyone has to endure to get exceptionally good.

  • 33 step-by-step lessons (with transcripts)
  • The tested and proven framework for 10x Facebook ad copy
  • The complete Facebook Ads conversion copy workbook
  • The working docs based on $1M in ad spend
  • 4+ “Ninja Techniques” for messages that grasp attention
  • Completion badge for LinkedIn or your website
  • BONUS! Navigating Facebook Ad Compliance

What if you could whip up ads that make distracted scrollers not just pay attention – but take action? Ads that make your CFO run the numbers twice – just to be delightfully sure? Ads that skyrocket you to rainmaker status?

You have about 0.007 of a second.

To make that apathetic scroller with tired eyes stop.

To pay attention.

To take action.

And not to mention it has to be the right visitor. With the proper intent.

And they have to land somewhere it makes sense to land.

And then – often – take action again.

And sometimes again.

So there’s not a whole lotta margin for error with ads.

Plus, the ads market is only getting more competitive with everybody and their cousin jumping on the platform of 2.936 billion users.

And scrollers will always just keep on scrolling.

Unless you quite literally move something inside them

  • Like… a truth so tuned to who they are it jars them out of the sea of cousin photos and eye-roll-worthy rants filled with mis-used ‘there’ and ‘theirs’…
  • Or… a piece of themselves they barely acknowledge let alone say out loud revealed with compassion and boldness…
  • Or… a solution to a very present very real problem they’re toiling over right now in their minds…

Sounds a bit like voodoo, yes.

But it is doable.

  • Even when the platform charges you for impressions so it’s a financial imperative that you get it right…
  • Even when the competitive landscape is all crowded city, no wide-open-spaces…
  • Even when the CFO is breathing down your marketing manager’s neck and the marketing manager is breathing down your neck and you’re breathing down the media buyer’s neck…

It is doable.

Particularly when you start with the lessons and processes gleaned from a-list copywriters testing ads on over $1M of ad spend.

That’s what you’ll find in 10x Facebook Ads.

Where you don’t just learn how to write attention-grabbing ads. You learn how to write ads that grab-attention, yes. But you learn how to write attention-grabbing ads that resonate. That move. That get that apathetic right-fit prospect to take action.

And you do so by absorbing the wisdom and expertise of people who have been there, tried that.

Which transforms you:

From feeling unsure where to even start into a marketing machine capable of scroll-stopping ads that have your CFO running the numbers in happy disbelief.

So if you’ve got just 6 hours THIS ENTIRE YEAR to learn one thing…

You should give those 6 hours to mastering Facebook ads..

Your CMO will thank you.

Your bottom line will thank you.

YOU will thank you.

Inside 10x Facebook Ads, you’ll see the step-by-step process you need to write winning ads. Without guessing. And without the costly mistakes and start-stops that everybody has to go through to get really, really good.

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