Aeromir - 0 DTE Options Trading Workshop

What are 0 Days-to-Expiration (DTE) Options Trades?

0 DTE option trades are trades that expire the same day the trade is entered. These trades are commonly referred to as “0 DTE”, “same-day expiration” or “same-day expiry” trades.

SPX options now have daily expirations and plenty of available liquidity. This is why we primarily trade SPX options.

There are many ways to trade 0 DTE options that include directional or non-directional trades. We primarily focus on non-directional trades but traders can take a directional position using options in different ways.

What are the strategies covered in the workshop?

These are the main strategies that were covered in the workshop:

  • Jim Olson Iron Butterfly – This is a wide butterfly spread entered at the open of trading. Typical trades are opened and closed in 10-20 minutes.
  • Narrow Iron Condor – Dan Harvey combined an Iron Butterfly and an Iron Condor and created the Narrow Iron Condor. This trade is highly flexible and has had an 80-85% win rate for multiple people in our community.
  • The Morning Fade – Scot Ruble at used this technique in the CBOE pits as a market maker and still uses it today. It has roughly an 80% success rate.
  • Trading the Market-on-Close (MOC) buy/sell imbalance – Scot Ruble at uses this technique at the end of the day to go long or short in the last 10-minutes of trading if the right conditions are met.
  • The Wide Iron Butterfly – Amy Meissner will teach one of her favorite strategies that she has excellent results with.
  • Amy’s Iron Condor Variations – Amy Meissner will teach her favorite iron condor strategies.
  • Wayne’s Calendar spreads – Wayne Klump will teach how he trades Calendar spreads using his proprietary tools.
  • Out-of-the-Money Vertical Spreads – Tom Nunamaker will teach how he uses far-out-of-the-money vertical spreads that expire the same to day to harvest money from the markets. Tom had 12 of these trades in February with no losers that made just under $900 using $3,000 to $9,000 of margin each day.
  • Breakeven Iron Condor – John Einar’s most profitable options trade. John Einar had an annual yield of more than 70% in 16-months of trading. Tom Nunamaker will show you an easy way to load these trades into thinkorswim.
  • Asymmetric Risk Butterflies – Ernie at uses asymmetric risk trades to achieve great results with low risk. Tom Nunamaker will review this type of trade and how to quickly find suitable candidates.

What else is in the workshop?

We want you to have the training and tools to be successful with 0 DTE options trading. We are including the following with the workshop:

    • $270 Value – Access to the daily 0 DTE live trading room for two months – Tom Nunamaker and Tom Henley run a live zoom trading room daily that workshop partipants will have access to during the workshop.


    •  Current Boxcar and SPX 0 DTE Trade Alert subscribers will have their billing cycles extended.


  • $299 Value – One month of StratagemTrade’s Practical Options Tactics (POT) with Scot Ruble
  • $225 Value – Three months of all access of Wayne Klump’s Adapt Intraday Options at Environmental Trading Edge – Includes proprietary allocation model, adaptive environmental metric for Calendar Spreads, private forum access and one week of Adapt Advanced Weekly Private Meeting.
  • Priceless  – All of Tom Nunamaker’s day trading spreadsheets – Tom has been building 0 DTE spreadsheets for thinkorswim and Excel since last September. The latest spreadsheets make finding trades, entering orders into thinkorswim and monitoring and adjusting the trades much much faster. The spreadsheets never expire and they are yours to keep. You’ll get free updates to the spreadsheets for one year.
    UPDATE: Tom has replaced the original day trading spreadsheet with the Greatest Options Analysis Tool (GOAT). Members are finding this spreadsheet extremely useful for trading many different strategies.
  • Access to a private discussion forum – You’ll be able to get your questions answered, even after the workshop ends, and talk to other 0 DTE traders to get help or kick ideas around.
  • All meetings were recorded – You’ll have access to the recordings indefinitely. Don’t worry about missing a session. You can watch the recordings whenever and as many times as you like.

0 DTE Workshop Overview

Session 1

Amy Meissner, Dan Harvey, Tom Nunamaker, Wayne Klump and Scot Ruble

  • Kick Off Meeting

Session 2

Amy Meissner

  • Amy will cover the different approaches of 0DTE trading, the strategies that can be utilized, and the key elements of what to look for when evaluating a 0DTE strategy.

Session 3

Wayne Klump

  • How to allocate capital with proper diversification across different strategies using known risk metrics…and why you should.

Session 4

Dan Harvey and Tom Nunamaker

  • The Narrow Iron Condor
    • Trade guidelines
    • Trade examples
    • Using the Narrow Iron Condor Expediter (NICE) Spreadsheet

Session 5

Dan Harvey and Tom Nunamaker

  • Live trading of the Narrow Iron Condor recording

Session 6

Wayne Klump

  • Structural edges and using fundamental metrics to balance risk across multiple strategies
  • An introduction to the Adapt Intraday Options

Session 7

Scot Ruble from StrategemTrade

  • Unbalanced Condors

Session 8

Scot Ruble from StrategemTrade

  • The Morning Fade
  • Trading the MOC Imbalance
  • Short Butterfly

Session 9

Scot Ruble from StrategemTrade

  • Live trading recording

Session 10

Amy Meissner

  • The Wide Iron Butterfly

Session 11

Amy Meissner

  • Amy’s Iron Condor Variations

Session 12

Tom Nunamaker

  • Jim Olsen Iron Butterfly
  • Breakeven Iron Condor
  • Asymmetric Risk Butterflies
  • Vertical Spreads

Session 13

Tom Nunamaker

  • Spreadsheets walk through

Session 14

Tom Nunamaker

  • Live trading recording

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