Joe Rokop – Simpler Trading – Next Level Futures 2022 (Elite)

Discovering how our Commodities & Equities Managing Director, Joe Rokop, managed to accumulate over $37K in profits from ES within a span of 12 days is the focus of Next Level Futures. The aim of this approach is to yield “advanced” returns within a highly competitive market.

During this four-hour interactive online strategy course, you will acquire insights into Joe’s transformation of his popular Small Account Futures strategy. This transformation encompasses an incorporation of more swing trades, long-term trades, and trades designed for larger accounts. To ensure that you stay well-informed about futures trading and Joe’s specific strike zone strategy, the basic package also provides access to his “Introduction to Futures” video and supplementary quick-start materials.

Who exactly is Joe Rokop? Joe Rokop boasts expertise in futures trading and possesses a background as a trader in commodities and equities. His professional trading journey encompasses hands-on experience in both commercial and proprietary markets. Joe’s involvement in the trading industry spans the past 15 years, where he has honed his specialization in commodities, indexes, and equities trading using futures, options, and over-the-counter derivatives.

Next Level Futures 2022 with Joe Rokop – Streamlined Trading Opting for the Elite Package grants you access to two additional interactive recorded trading sessions with Joe, delivering a comprehensive trading experience. More trading opportunities with Joe translate to an increased potential for profits. Moreover, you gain the ability to observe his trade management over an extended timeframe. It’s an obvious choice.

Strategy Class Introduction to Futures – Joe Rokop Recorded Pro Live Trading (2 Days) Recorded Elite Live Trading (2 Days) Quarterly Mastery of Strike Zones