Reading the Tape – A Game Changing Edge in Trading with Paras Jandwani

What Will I Learn?

  • The most important skillset used by elite active traders
  • Trading different strategies using the tape
  • Identify trades on the Tape not visible on the chart
  • Increase Consistency in your trading
  • Detailed Concept explanation with real time examples on Order flow and Level 2
  • Increase Risk/Reward by pin pointing better entries

Section 1 : Course Overview and Introduction to Reading the Tape

Introduction to Reading the Tape

Section 2 : Fundamentals/Basics

Section 2 Presentation
Quiz: Test your Knowledge

Section 3 : Order Flow Concepts and Interpretation

Overview and Psychology behind Print Transactions
Concept 1: Hold on the Bid vs Selling the Bid
Concept 1: Example 1 – Held Bid and Selling at the Bid on NIO
Concept 1: Example 2 – Held Bid and Selling at the Bid on AAPL
Concept 2: Hold on the Offer vs. Buying the offer
Concept 2: Example 1 – Held Offer and Buying the Offer on AAPL
Concept 2: Example 2 – Held Offer and Buying the Offer on TWTR
Concept 3: Hefty Hold on the Bid
Concept 3: Example – Hefty Held on the Bid on AMZN
Concept 4: Hefty Hold on the Offer
Concept 4: Example – Hefty Hold on the Offer on AAPL
Concept 5-7: White Prints
Concept 5-7: Example 1 – White Print and Bullish Hidden Order on DKNG
Concept 5-7: Example 2 – White Print and Bearish Hidden Order on BILI
Concept 5-7: Example 3 – White Print and Automatic Buyer on META
Concept 8: Below the Bid and Above the Ask
Concept 8: Example 1 – Orange Imbalance Print on AAPL
Concept 8: Example 2 – Blue Print above the immediate offer on NIO
Concept 8: Example 3 – Blue Imbalance Print on AAPL
Concept 9: Print Size and Behavior
Concept 10: Volume at Price
Concept 10: Example – Volume at Price on AAPL
Concept 11: Speed/Acceleration
Concept 11: Example – Speed on AAPL and BABA
Section 3 Presentation
Quiz: Test your Knowledge

Section 4 : Level 2 Concepts and Interpretations

Concept 1: Higher Asks and Lower Bids
Concept 1: Example 1 – Higher and Higher Ask and Capitulation
Concept 1: Example 2 – Lower and Lower Bids on Level 2 on SOFI
Concept 2: Stacking on Bid/Offer
Concept 2: Example 1 – Stacked Offer on CCL
Concept 3: Iceberg Orders and Refreshing ECNs
Concept 3: Example 1 – Iceberg Orders and Refreshing ECNs on RBLX
Concept 4: Spoofing
Concept 4: Example 1 – Spoofing on AAPL
Section 4 Presentation
Quiz: Test your Knowledge

Section 5 : Trading Strategies using Order Flow and Level 2

Combining Order Flow and Level 2
Trading Breakouts
Trading Breakouts – Example
Trading Pullbacks
Trading Pullbacks – Example
Trading Ranges
Trading Ranges- Example
Trading Reversals
Trading Reversals – Example
Trading Opening Print Imbalance
Trading Opening Print Imbalance – Example
Quiz: Test your Knowledge
Trading Strategies Checklist (Downloadable)

Section 6 : Tape Reading Limitations and Expectations

Section 6 Presentation

Bonus Section: Reading the Tape Archive

Stacking on the Bids on ACB – Trading Paused
Live Earnings Breakout Trade on TSLA with Held Offer at 160 level
Live Trade on TSLA where 190 Level Held Offer by the Penny
Live Trade on TSLA capturing rejection at 196.5 level
Live Trade on DKNG using Algo White Print Orders
Live Trade on BYND and captured 20 percent squeeze move – Includes overall thesis
Live Trade on AAPL with multiple adds using the tape
Live Reversal Trade on TSLA with 207.5 seller on the tape

Reading the Tape offers a comprehensive training program suitable for traders at all levels – whether they are new to trading, in the process of development, or already experienced. The program aims to equip traders with a set of skills used by elite active traders to understand supply and demand imbalances in real-time, enabling profitable trading. This program exposes traders to the concepts of Order Flow (Bids, Offers, and Prints) and Level 2 (Box), which empower them to accurately predict a stock’s imminent next move. Throughout the course, numerous real-time examples are provided, along with step-by-step explanations of tape analysis and guidance on their integration into trading strategies.

Who is Paras Jandwani? Paras is the moderator and collaborator at BearBullTraders. Born in India and currently residing in the United States, Paras developed a keen interest in the financial markets at a young age. Despite his engineering background, he transformed his passion into a reality by achieving a Level 3 National Stock Exchange certification. As a Momentum Price Action Tape Trader, Paras has consistently achieved profitability since his entry into the field of active intraday trading in 2015. His driving motivation is to support aspiring traders by sharing concepts and techniques that are not readily accessible to the average retail trader but have been acquired through years of experience and exposure to a professional trading environment. With his “Reading the Tape” course, Paras continues to create educational content for all those who yearn for knowledge.