Special Webinars Module 1


Each of these special webinars covers an element of my trading strategy, or the business of trading, in detail.

The material in each one can be understood and implemented, independently of the others.

This is true even of the webinars that fall in two parts.

As a result, a trader can view a single webinar to understand how I trade a particular setup or approach a key concept.

They may then ensure they can both understand and implement the material before moving onto other webinars.

At the same time, viewed in order, as a whole, the webinars present a comprehensive overview of my approach to the

financial markets and how I make money from them.

Module 1: Swing Trading Forex and Financial Futures

Webinar 01: Order Flow Dynamics In FX And Financial Futures Markets

Webinar 02: How To Draw Levels

Webinar 03: The Swing Failure Pattern

Webinar 04: Price Patterns For Directional Bias

Webinar 05: How To Trade Levels Part 1

Webinar 06: How To Trade Levels Part 2

Webinar 07: Trade Management

Webinar 08: How To Trade Gaps

Webinar 09: Market Correlations & News

Webinar 10: Effective Risk Management

Webinar 11: Routine & Record Keeping

Webinar 12: 30 Trade Examples

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