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Course Overview

The Bank Financial Model as seen on my YouTube Channel.

This is the excel financial model only. Please consider combining this product with the Investment Course for greater context.

All numbers should be independently verified.

The Cash Flow Club

The Cash Flow Club is the home of the 1 Pager. A one page summary of a company’s revenue, earnings, debt and cash flow to help long term investors focus on what truly matters – Cash Flow.

The monthly membership provides you with full access to the library of 1 Pagers as well a new 1 Pagers published monthly. Stocks ranging from classic consumer stables and industrials to high tech SaaS and Cloud companies are reviewed on a regular basis and judged for their ability to provide the investor with both cash flow and long term capital appreciation. Long term members will learn to spot a strong cash flowing investment opportunity and can post questions within the community.

5 Key Attributes

1. Revenue Growth
2. EBITDA Growth
3. Strong Free Cash Flow
4. Low Debt
5. Well Priced

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