Course Overview

Looking to explore the world of options volatility trading? This course has got you covered! Dive into topics like options Greeks, volatility estimators (Garman-Klass and Parkinson), GARCH modelling, and analysing PnL distribution for popular strategies like straddles and strangles. With a hands-on capstone project and a live trading template, you’ll gain practical experience applying these concepts in real-life scenarios. Join us on this options volatility trading journey today!

Live Trading

  • Recall and differentiate between risk and edge in options trading.
  • Explain the concepts and characteristics of options Greeks, including Delta, Theta, Rho, Vega, and Gamma.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of volatility estimation techniques, including close-to-close, Parkinson, and Garman-Klass estimators.
  • Explain the GARCH model and its application in forecasting volatility.
  • Apply Monte Carlo simulation to estimate the profit and loss (P/L) distribution of straddle and strangle options positions.
  • Backtest and evaluate a volatility-based options trading strategy using historical data.
  • Utilise capstone project and live trading templates to implement learned concepts in real-world trading scenarios.

Skills Covered


  • GARCH Model-based strategy
  • VIX-based Straddle

Concepts & Trading

  • Options Greeks
  • Volatility Estimation
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation


  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Mibian
  • Scipy

Learning Track 7

This course is a part of the Learning Track: Quantitative Trading in Futures and Options Markets Enroll to the entire track to enable 30% discount.


  • Options Trading Strategies In Python: Basic


  • Futures Trading: Concepts & Strategies


  • Options Trading Strategies In Python: Intermediate
  • Systematic Options Trading
  • Trading using Options Sentiment Indicators


  • Options Trading Strategies In Python: Advanced
  • Options Volatility Trading: Concepts and Strategies

Course Features

  • Faculty Support on Community
  • Interactive Coding Practice
  • Capstone Project Using Real Market Data
  • Trade and Learn Together
  • Get Certified


Fluency with Python including Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib and a good understanding of financial markets. You can enrol for the Python for Trading: Basic course on Quantra to attain a basic level of understanding of Python. You can also check the Stock Market Basics course for understanding financial market terms.


Edge and Risk
American vs European Options
Put and Call Parity
Pricing Models
Options Valuation
Greeks: Price & Time
Greeks: Volatility and Interest Rates
Implied Volatility
Close-to-Close Estimator
Parkinson Estimator
Garman-Klass Estimator
Volatility Estimators
Volatility Forecasting
How to Trade Variance Premium
P/L Distribution of Options Strategies
Monte Carlo Simulation
Practical Hedging
Capstone Project
Live Trading on IBridgePy
Paper and Live Trading
Run Codes Locally on Your Machine

About Author

Dr Euan Sinclair has over 27 years of experience in the industry and specialises in the design, implementation, and risk management of quantitative trading strategies. He has worked with various trading firms like Bluefin Trading, Hull Tactical, Medway Capital Management, Trađing Solutions Ltd, and The Helios Group. He was the co-founder and CEO of FactorWave lnc (a fintech company) and a managing partner at Talton Capital Management (a volatility hedge fund). He is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Investment Strategies, a publication of Risk Journals. All three of his books: Options Trading, Volatility Trading and Positional Option Trading, have been warmly received by the community.

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