The $10K to $1M Challenge by Joe Rokop 2023

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The $10K to $1M Challenge

Follow Joe’s Journey from $10K to $1 Million


  • Strike Zone Mastery Quarterly (Value $597)
  • 10K Challenge Class (Value $197)
  • Futures 101 (Value $97)


Futures Traders

Options Traders

Small Accounts

Day Traders

The $10K to $1M account challenge was born from Joe’s Strike Zone Mastery members – many members were eager to get in on the account growth from the beginning as opposed to when the train had already left the station, so Joe decided to open a new $10K on the morning of this class. The goal is to show you how to trade futures with a small account in a non-trending market. If you’ve ever had any interest in trading futures, now is an ideal time to start. Why? You could look to hedge your 401K’s and IRA’s with supplemental income through day trading (and Joe shows you how he’s done just that). These are the same principles and concepts he’s used in his Mastery for over 2 years and are scalable for different account sizes.