Unbiased Trading – How To Backtest Bootcamp

Unbiased Trading – How To Backtest Bootcamp

Unbiased Trading – How To Backtest Bootcamp

Unlike other trading courses, it’s not just theory – you have access to 15+ Python template codes to pull data with no coding experience needed, master the A to Z of strategy testing and transform your trading perspective through data-driven insights.

Whether you have been trading for only a few months or have a decade of discretionary experience under your belt, this bootcamp is suitable for for traders at any point in their journey.

Backtesting allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your trading strategy / idea over time by using historical data and testing your strategy against it.Without this you are trading strategies without the confidence of statistical / historical proof of working.

Backtesting makes you become more objective in your trading. When you rely solely on visual intuition or “gut feelings,” it’s easy to fall into the trap of confirmation bias or other cognitive biases.Backtesting removes emotion & impulse from the equation as you rely on data-driven edge instead to guide your trading decisions.

Backtesting lets you optimize and practically identify areas for improvement in your trading strategies / ideas.Without this, it can be very challenging to see the weaknesses of a strategy until your personal account equity faces it.

The A-to-Z process of how to backtest, from what is a backtest and how to do simple things like manual tracking to more complex parts like Monte Carlo simulations, parameter sensitivity testing, and applying data and weighing different parameters.


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