Aeromir – Amy Meissner’s AIC-22 Workshop

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Aeromir – Amy Meissner’s AIC-22 Workshop

Aeromir – Amy Meissner’s AIC-22 Workshop

Aeromir – Amy Meissner’s AIC-22 Workshop

About Course:

What is the AIC-22 Trade?

The AIC-22 is an All-Weather Strategy that can profit whether the market rallies or crashes.

The trade is an asymmetric iron condor that was refined in Amy’s first AIC (aka Weirder) course. This workshop is an updated version.

The strategy has been consistent for years.

Why Choose the AIC-22?

  • All-Weather Resilience: Built to withstand and capitalize on various market conditions, including explosive rallies and steep crashes.
  • Robust Risk Management: Capable of generating profits even during market crashes.
  • Consistent Monthly Income: Designed to deliver consistent monthly returns.
  • High Success Rate: Achieves a success rate of 85% or higher.
  • Controlled Losses: Strategically designed to keep losses manageable, ensuring a positive expectancy for consistent gains.
  • Tactical Trading Plan: Employs specific entry, adjustment, and exit tactics for strategic trade execution.

Are you ready to…?

  • Master market neutrality by executing a strategy that thrives in any market condition—up, down, or sideways.
  • Remove upside risk, gaining peace of mind from minimized exposure during unforeseen rallies.
  • Capitalize on corrections and crashes with tactics that turn potential losses into substantial profits.
  • Preserve and grow your capital by focusing on strategies that protect against significant losses.
  • Implement a straightforward trading style, simplifying decision-making and reducing stress.
  • Achieve a high probability of wins with a system designed for consistent success.
  • Be fully prepared to trade through and profit from the next market crash, knowing some of your biggest wins could occur during downturns?