Supplying Products to the Government through DIBBS by Sirena Thomas 2023

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Supplying Products to the Government through DIBBS

How I’ve won hundreds of DLA Purchase Orders without writing proposals.

Watch this first!

There’s not a course like this…

If you’re here it’s because you have been selected or invited and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

This course will provide you with the tools and techniques that I have used to win hundreds of DLA Purchase Orders. I’m talking no technical proposals, no long bid wars, no long sales cycle. In fact, there are opportunities on this system that are awarded the same day.

This is one of the most powerful bid board systems that I have found and I’m excited to share all of my knowledge with you over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in supplying or already supply things like, medical supplies, office supplies, construction materials, weapons, textiles, and other products THIS IS DEFINITELY THE PLATFORM FOR YOU!!!

Let me show you how to navigate this system with grace and ease in just a few weeks.

Pre-Class Prep
StartPre-Class Welcome and Registration

StartMOTIVATION: Be Hungry
StartMeet Sirena Moore-Thomas (14:24)
StartSetting Expectations/Important Disclaimers (8:54)
StartDIBBS Toolkit (11:44)
StartBefore You Get Started: GET PAID!

Get Organized
StartGet on your mark: Get Organized
StartGet Set: Registering in DIBBS/Setting your Password (18:02)


Module 1: Get on your mark, Get Set, Go.
StartWho is DLA? (5:25)
StartDIBBS Overview/Searching Opportunities Pt. 1
StartDIBBS Overview/Searching Opportunities by Date (27:25)
StartDIBBS Overview/Searching Opportunities by FSC (14:30)
StartMotivation Break: DREAM

StartMark Gingrass NSN,NIIN,FSC

The Nuts & Bolts
StartLet’s talk DPR! (13:42)
StartImportant Sections of the RFQ
StartCheck Point #1

OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer)/ Approved Sources
StartIntro: Becoming a Supplier/Distributor
StartWhat is traceability? (12:02)
StartUnawarded Solicitations
StartSupplier Diversity & Leveraging Relationships
StartHere’s a list of OEM’s!
StartLet’s talk requesting pricing
StartCheck Point #2: You gotta be hungry

Supercharge your BONUS: Federal Contracting with this POWERFUL RESOURCE!
StartMy Secret Weapon

Quoting Strategies & Techniques
StartQuoting Basics
StartUnderstanding Procurement History
StartCatalog Access

Receiving & Shipping
StartV.S.M: How to Ship to DLA
StartShipping Requirements
StartGuide to F.O.B Shipping

What’s Next?
StartExit Survey
StartGain Traction with DIBBS (13:06).