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Todd Mitchell – Calendar Spreads

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Contrary to what you might think after reading the above statement, this invitation isn’t for the trader hunting for the ‘Holy Grail’ …

The fast lane to quick riches … or the single, life-changing return …

It’s for the rest of us.

It’s for the trader willing to set aside greed and undue risk for consistent profits. Who simply wants something more to supplement existing income or future retirement.

It’s for the trader who would benefit from even just an extra $150 a week.

You see, that’s the first objective for the Calendar Spread Strategy …

Make a quick $100-$150 a contract a week – every week.

Sure, that might not seem like much at first. But imagine adding a few more contracts each week after you master the strategy (which, as you’ll soon see, only takes about three hours).

Not only would your profits multiply quickly, but they do so with minimal risk.

And since this strategy is so quick to learn, you can start making your extra income as early as tomorrow morning.

But before digging into the details, let’s address a common concern …

Why ​Do ​You ​Need ​Another ​Trading ​Strategy?
After all, why not just continue using ‘Iron Condors’​, or some other trading strategy?

The approach seems logical. However, look close at today’s market and you see a couple problems.

The first is velocity. Today’s price movement doesn’t lend well to being in non-directional trades for weeks at a time – as is necessary with ‘Iron Condors​’

In addition, the volatility causes a lack of premium to sell, putting your ‘Iron Condor’ wings dangerously close.

During the last decade trading ‘Iron Condors’, the only time I’ve seen these same conditions is in 2007. As was the case then, you must constantly play defense against big moves.

So yes, Iron Condors are still an option when the right conditions appear. But just understand that trading in today’s market means you take on much more risk unless you also have the right implied volatility levels.

To profit from all market conditions, smart traders use multiple strategies to diversify their risk and smooth out their equity curve.

The fact is …

The Calendar Spread Strategy ​Allows ​You to ​Generate the ​Same ​Return ​In ​Just ​Days – ​That ​Formerly ​Took ​Weeks​!
As a trader, you live or die on your “edge” – whether it’s discipline, a specific routine, lack of emotional trading or a proven strategy.

For me, establishing your edge was my intention when creating this strategy. I made certain it was simple enough that anyone could quickly put it to work for them.

So we only focus our attention on two items:

​1. Price
​2. Option Volatility

First, we simply look for a time in a price chart where there’s a high probability of consolidation for a few days – or least a slowing trend.

(HINT: These situations happen all the time after range expansion. I’ll show you how to pinpoint exactly where the market is likely to pause and catch its breath.)

With a ‘​Calendar ​Spread’, you simply buy and sell the same type of option for the same underlying security at the same strike price – just at different expiration dates.

No too bad for just a couple of days, right?

And that’s just one contract …

My point is, if you only traded one strategy in today’s market, you can make a ​great income with the Calendar Spread Strategy.

And something else to remember …

Trading this strategy isn’t slow. You’re in and out of trades often in two days.

So it’s exciting and fun.

Let me show you some other results …

Here’s a list of several calendar spread trades…

Notice ​How the ​Trades I ​Made – ​Using the Calendar Spread Strategy Were ​Profitable 87.5% of the ​Time ​During ​This ​Time.
In fact, for every $1 I lose, I make an average of $19.80.

Would you take this trade-off?

Of course!

Listen, this is a strategy built to be robust enough to pull consistent profits from today’s market.

But I must make it clear that the Calendar Spread Strategy only seems simple because of the way I created the edges and manage risk.

Now, at this point, you may already feel like you can start trading this strategy right now. If you do, I appreciate your confidence.

I must stress, though … you need to learn the details, which is why I developed the training.

And that brings me to another point …

I typically play this strategy on ETF’s and individual stocks. But I prefer ETF’s because individual stocks are affected by earnings dates, management changes and other similar events – so moving to ETF’s/Indices reduces my risk even further.

No ​Need ​To ​Get ​Greedy ​Or ​Complicate ​Matters …
The way I teach this strategy is you stay in a trade for a limited time (often just a couple days) – enough to get your fair share of profit – then you move on …

And you make the same type of trade (or multiple trades) every single week, if market conditions are favorable.

In this market, the fair share you can expect on each trade is about a 10% return on your invested capital. I specifically created the strategy to deliver this outcome.

Of course, you might make more in some market situations.

The other good news is, the most you ever lose – when you follow the strategy – is 15% of your invested capital in a particular trade.

You don’t have to do the math to see the odds are very much in your favor, especially when you consider the nearly 88% success rate I mentioned earlier.

And ​To ​Ensure ​You ​Never ​Risk ​Too ​Much …
You don’t use more than 1-2% of your overall capital on any one trade. In addition to reducing your risk, this makes certain you never get too emotional about your results.

Remember what I said at the beginning?

Making a quick $100-$150 a contract every week is the first objective for the Calendar Spread Strategy.

This strategy allows you to grow your wealth safely without feeling like you’re stuck in front of computer watching charts.

Here’s What to Do Next …
When you register today for just $397 ($297 for Trading Concepts members), I’ll give you instant access to the Calendar Spread Strategy video course. During the 3-hour training, we’ll dig deep into how the trades work.

You’ll see how to set up your trades … create your best “edges” for success … adjust and manage your position … and much more.

Furthermore, I don’t bog you down with Options ​Greeks to figure out. In fact, I share several proprietary tracking and analysis tools you can use to make the learning process even easier

​Your 3-hour video also includes slides for each session​ and supplementary program materials ​to help ensure your trading success, as well as free lifetime updates.

And that’s not all …

You see, I’ve mentored thousands of traders, and I know with absolute confidence that my material works. In fact, I’m so sure it’ll deliver consistent profits for you that you can try it all for the next 30 days at no risk.

Watch the training videos … review the printed materials … test the strategy … study the slides …. go through the entire training as many times as you want …

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