State Funds Contract Library by David Wilkerson 2023

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ATTENTION: This Contract Library was specifically  designed to give you the unfair advantage while running  a successful State Funds Business. Close deals practically on autopilot. Your new secret weapon has arrived…

 You CAN’T get paid without Contracts…this Contract Library will literally save you THOUSANDS In Attorney fees paying to have them created for you.

Not only do you get all the Contracts, Scripts & Documents needed to run a successful Asset Recovery Business…. but you’ll also get detailed video tutorials on how to use them so you don’t waste any time trying to figure It out yourself or lose a deal because something Isn’t filled out correctly.

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • BONUS: FREE 15 Minute Implementation Call :Speak directly with me so I can answer any questions you have about how to use the Contract Library or fill contracts out ($125 Value)
  • State Funds Claimant Agreement:The same form I use to run my high six figure recovery business. ( Can’t get paid without one.)
  • State Funds Claimant Invoice Form: Look like a seasoned professional when collecting fees from clients.
  • Script For Calling & Interviewing Notaries:Weed out the wrong ones upfront so you don’t waste any money hiring a rookie and lose a deal.
  • Script For Calling State Departments: Learn the crucial questions you MUSTany ask State Departments upfront so you don’t waste any time picking the wrong State to work in.
  • Q&A Form To Email Claimants: Get 10X the credibility with potential Clients so getting contracts signed will feel effortless .
  • Power Of Attorney Form: There wont be any State you can’t do deals in.
  • Script For Cold Calling Claimants: Instantly gain “altitude” in the conversation while prospecting for clients so they look at you like you’re God. They will practically close themselves.

Plus others! We’re always adding the most current industry related documents to help you crush it!

David Wilkerson 

Your New Personal Mentor To Guide You Step-By-Step Through The Process Of Growing A Successful Asset Recovery Business.

 President Of Blackstone Asset Recovery & President Of Surplus Funds 101

– Over $500,000 + Mo. In Assets Recovered For Clients

– Over 5,000 Successful Business Transactions Completed Over My Career.

Throughout my Career of being in Asset Recovery space there’s almost nothing I haven’t seen or experienced. I want to help you scale your Business in the quickest way possible so you can avoid the expense mistakes I’ve made and accelerate the growth of the empire your building. Click on the link below and pick up the Contract Library Today!