Rob Lennon – Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI

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Rob Lennon – Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI

Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI by Rob Lennon

Learn advanced promptcraft, taught by the expert that other experts learn from.

Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI by Rob Lennon (NLPEA)

Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI by Rob Lennon is a comprehensive online course that teaches you how to master the art and science of prompt engineering for GPT-powered AI models.Prompt engineering is the skill of crafting effective prompts that produce high-quality outputs from AI models.This course teaches the secret sauce that makes the difference between garbage and getting gold from your AI queries.

What you’ll get

3 Core Frameworks

Learn the foundational building blocks of all good prompts. Create prompts of each type.

The Principles of Promptcraft

Understand how to use elements like anchorsvariables, and placeholders to get more from your prompts.

Voice/Style Design

Learn how to set the style for how the AI writes and talks. Match your writing style, brand, and other needs.

Printable Cheatsheet Reference

Save or print a quick reference on all course concepts so you can have a handy resource to refer back to at all times.

7 Techs for Next-Level Prompts

Advanced techniques to get results nobody else can using prompting methods like Decompose, Two-Stepping, and Reward Systems.

3 Prompt Case Studies

Dive into a deep analysis of some of the most sophisticated prompts of our era. As an early participant, you’ll get to suggest what these case studies are. (Coming soon.)