Rudy Hunter – Opening Through LOVE

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Rudy Hunter – Opening Through LOVE

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​An Energetic Grid You Can Use To
Open Up Through LOVE
​Give & Receive MORE!


Direct Clearing EnergyWork From Rudy In This Recording
To Help The Blocks Melt Away!
[Nice, right?] Picture
ABOVE:  Close off the open V so it becomes a triangle.

Know that visualizing/imagining/pretending/making-it-all-up are all the same effective thing!

BELOW:  At each corner of the V triangle lives an idea in consciousness about LOVE for us.
​The term ME below is to help you make it personal.  ME is YOU!
If it’s really true that all you need is LOVE, and that all that really matters at the end of the day
​is LOVE [both totally true!], then wouldn’t you like some real help to make that MUCH EASIER?

The getting and giving of LOVE into your body, mind, life & affairs?
Yup, thought so.
Here it is.

Opening Through Love With Rudy Hunter does two powerfully-important things:

1-Makes giving & receiving LOVE much easier for you with direct energetic clearing from Rudy in this recording so you can just pull it out of your mp3 tool library and lean into the embedded energetics in the recording to help clear the blocks.
Simple, right?

2-Teaches you a specific energetic GridWork you can use in your mind/imagination on buses, planes & trains to harmonize your entire system through LOVE itself.  An anywhere/anytime energetic tool you’ll be taught to clear yourself from your history/stories/past/challenges regarding LOVE in your life.
Fun stuff.

Do you really need to know both?
Nope.  But…it’s really useful when you get snarled up in the DRAMA OF LOVE to
free yourself solo and/or have Rudy’s energetic help.  Why not have both at your disposal.
The empowerment personally will only make your freer and stronger as a lovable person.
​That’s YOU filled with LOVE; enough for yourself and enough to give freely.
So, yay for that!

In this 36:53 minute embedded energetic recording from Rudy you’ll receive both the knowledge of how to use the GridWork for yourself AND receive direct clearing work from Rudy so you can use it any time you like.  It’s embedded in the recording so it’ll last your entire loving life.

Order & download your personal copy below today.
​It’s just $55.00 and will serve you for your entire life.

Give and receive LOVE more easily.