Practitioner Of Mind-Bending Language 2023 By Igor Ledochowski

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Practitioner Of Mind-Bending Language By Igor Ledochowski For Immediate Digital Download!

Exciting NEW Mind Bending Language Training Program:

Announcing: A Ground-Breaking Covert Conversational Hypnosis Technology Revealed In…

“The Breakthrough System That Gives You Powerful “Under-The-Radar” Influence Over Almost Anybody During Everyday Conversations!”

Dear reader,

Have you ever wondered why so many people get “stuck” in life?

  • Stuck in lifeless relationships
  • Stuck in dead-end jobs
  • Stuck in destructive habits
  • Stuck in perpetual bad moods
  • Stuck in hopeless mindsets

And worst of all, STUCK believing there’s no way to change or improve the situation.

Unfortunately, far too many people go through life miserable because they simply can’t see a different path forward.

They feel trapped.

And even if they know what they want their life to look like…

They have no idea how to get from where they ARE to where they want to BE.

You might as well be asking them to unlock a steel vault without handing them the combination.

Even if there’s $10 million worth of precious gems, gold and cash inside, they’d have ZERO chances of getting their hands on it.

And you know what?

This is exactly the kind of frustrating situation that happens when someone wants to change part of their life, resolve a deep-seated issue or snap out of self-limiting beliefs…

…but doesn’t have the tools to make it happen.

And in just a moment I’ll show you exactly how you can…

Hand ANYONE The Right “Combination”
So They Can Access The Solution to ANY Problem
So the next steps just “click” into place for them!

But first, take a moment to consider this:

Many therapists and self-help experts focus on THOUGHTS as their go-to method for helping someone change their life.

In fact, you’ve probably heard someone tell you that IF ONLY you took control of your thoughts you could overturn bad habits, snap out of negative thought patterns and become a happy, beaming, problem-free version of yourself.

Sound familiar?

Too bad this approach FAILS most of the time!

Even if you force yourself to think a certain way (which is already extremely difficult) it can take MONTHS or YEARS for your feelings and beliefs to catch up to your thoughts.

As a result, people give up and quit before they ever see any results!

That’s because trying to resolve a problem, dissolve a habit or fix an outdated mindset through your thoughts alone is a slow, tedious and unreliable process.

Let’s face it:

If you could think your way out of a smoking addiction, anxiety, the fear of flying (or any other issue)…

The world would be a problem-free place!

But you and I both know that’s not the case.

The point is, if you want to rapidly resolve problems, shift mindsets, and dissolve habits to help others finally get UNSTUCK in their life then…

You Need A More Reliable Method
That’s why I’ve spent years creating a system that condenses everything I know about FAST, long-lasting “unconscious-level” transformations into a simple and methodical process.

What makes this breakthrough method completely unique?

Simply put, instead of focusing on changing someone’s thoughts, you use the “mind bending formulas” you’ll discover in the training to access and transform FEELINGS instead!

Using feelings to access and transform a problem is the equivalent of hopping on a supersonic jet.

It’s simply the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to get to your destination.

Because unlike thoughts…

Feelings AUTOMATICALLY change how you see the world!

Just think about it this way:

If you’re afraid, you’ll notice threats all around you.

If you’re happy, you naturally find the positive side of any situation.

If you’re angry, you’ll find more and more reasons to get mad.

That’s because…

Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Perceptions FOLLOW Your Feelings!
And if you can shift how someone FEELS, then you can flip a problem, habit, or mindset on its head in a matter of MINUTES!

They won’t know how it happened. They’ll just know that somehow they cannot think the same way, feel the same way, or even see the situation in the same way anymore.

It’s as if the problem dissolves before their very eyes.

Take Jim’s story, for example.

Jim was working as a sales representative for a software company.

He loved his clients, enjoyed his job, and felt passionate about his work.

There was just one problem.

Even though his boss was normally a nice enough guy, the stress of running the company kept his temper on a short fuse.

His boss would get angry and lash out at his employees when things didn’t go his way.

When something set him off, it was like a switch flipped…

Turning Him From Dr. Jekyll Into Mr. Hyde
He would yell, berate his team and say things he would later regret.

And no matter how much his boss apologized and promised to control his behavior, sooner or later, something in his environment would TRIGGER him and he would SNAP.

Once that happened, nothing could overpower the temper that came bubbling up to the surface.

At one point, it got so bad that three people quit in one week!

Jim even typed up his letter of resignation, printed it out and was actively reviewing the job market.

But before he went through with the resignation, Jim learned my breakthrough mind bending conversational hypnosis formulas that can turn even an ordinary conversation into a full-blown transformational experience.

So he decided to make one last attempt to save his job by using a few simple mind bending language patterns on his boss while they were having a casual chat over coffee.

The result?

That very same day something that would’ve normally sent his boss off the rails made him…

Explode In a Fit of Laughter Instead!
As you’d expect, Jim was completely dumbfounded (as were the rest of the employees).

You want to know the best part?

Jim did it all in the span of ONE seemingly ordinary conversation without needing to consult any notes, prepare in advance, or even “study” his hypnosis materials.

Most importantly, the boss didn’t even know it was happening…

It was completely “under the radar”!

That’s because the mind bending strategies Jim used make it possible to influence, inspire and transform others using astonishingly simple conversational hypnosis techniques… that are totally COVERT!

Here’s why that’s important:

The UNCONSCIOUS is the part of your mind that controls your behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and decisions.

Naturally, the conscious mind is extremely unlikely to let anyone access the unconscious part of your mind.

You’re likely to face resistance — even if you have positive intentions!

That’s why the MOST effective (and fastest) way to influence people in any area of your life is to do so completely and totally… COVERTLY!

This way, you bypass the “gatekeepers” of the mind and go straight to the unconscious where you can create the right conditions for transformation.

So now you’re probably thinking…

That all sounds great in theory. But how do I actually do that in real life?

That’s exactly what you’ll master once you go through the BRAND NEW hypnosis system (2nd Chance Opportunity) that lets you covertly access the unconscious mind and use the mind bending formulas to transform problems, dissolve habits and unlock new ways of being.

And this NEW hypnosis technology is called:

And in it, you’ll find the easiest and most thorough approach to using mind bending language in everything from ordinary conversations over coffee to in-depth hypnosis sessions. 

Once you go through the program you’ll start to:

  • Naturally “mix in” mind bending questions, patterns, and phrases into your conversations without overthinking or second-guessing yourself!
  • Use seemingly ordinary conversations to access the UNCONSCIOUS (the part of your mind with the most control over your feelings, behaviors, thoughts, and decisions!)
  • Use the most effective (and fastest) way to influence people in any area of your life is to do so completely and totally… COVERTLY!
  • Intuitively know how to make your mind bending language subtle enough for a boardroom conversation OR intense enough to give a university philosopher sleepless nights trying to come to terms with what you said
  • Quickly and accurately “pinpoint” the REAL underlying issue (and the feelings around it) that keeps someone stuck in their existing thoughts and actions
  • Effortlessly trigger unconscious creativity and “aha moments” in your conversations making them more meaningful and memorable
  • Achieve shockingly FAST (near-instant) changes to someone’s feelings, emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors
  • Go into conversations with a deep sense of confidence and purpose… knowing you’re always one question away from inducing a deep insight or transformation

And perhaps most important of all, this new training program is unlike any other training on Mind Bending Language you may have gone through in the past because in it, you’ll discover the groundbreaking new ‘On-The-Fly’ Mind Bending Language System.

This system lets you…

Instantly Generate The Exact Questions, Phrases, And Language Patterns To Spontaneously Blend Into Your Conversations
Because the REAL magic happens when you can mix mind bending language into your interactions without overthinking or second-guessing yourself.

And unfortunately, many hypnotists struggle to do this “on the fly”.

They get bogged down in the “mechanics” trying to understand why and how mind bending language works.

It trips them up and they miss out on opportunities to use mind bending language in everyday conversations or hypnosis sessions where they could be helping real people overcome REAL problems.

And that’s a shame.

Because you don’t need to understand WHY or HOW it works…

Far from it.

To successfully use Mind Bending Language, all you need are the ground-breaking “MBL Formulas” you simply fill in with ANY problem and outcome…

And you’ll instantly have the right combination of questions, words, and phrases that will turn ANYTHING you say to ANYONE at ANY TIME into something mind-bending so you can expand and stretch the mind into exciting new directions.

In fact, by the end of the training, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to infuse mind-bending language in a totally covert way into any conversation to overturn problems, dissolve stubborn thought patterns and leave people smiling ear-to-ear after just a few moments with you (even if you’re a total newbie!)

Quite simply, this is the EASIEST, FASTEST, and most FUN way to master Mind Bending Language. Period.

The Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Training program comprises 22 in-depth training modules. Basically, the components of the system break down like this:

Main Training: Module #1
How MBL Dissolves Problems, The Distortion of Perception And Perspectives And Demo 1: “Instant Mind Bending Language”

  • The real purpose of Mind Bending Language condensed into one simple sentence (this is the skill YOU will gain by the end of this training)
  • How to use the 4-step OODA Loop used by the Air Force to make good decisions in high-pressure situations
  • The fundamental nature of a problem (this is why dissolving problems with Mind Bending Language is fast and easy!)
  • How Mind Bending Language FREES UP your range of actions so you can THINK and ACT in new ways!
  • The “mind bending” way to look at problems so your brain starts working in new directions!
  • How your brain’s Reticular Activating System scans your surroundings for opportunities (use this to spark positive transformation!)
  • Why the origin of any problem comes down to distorted perceptions
  • Use this fascinating thought experiment to uncover your own mental limitations and “locked perspectives”
  • The real reason you feel STUCK in a situation (hint: it has everything to do with perception!)
  • How to blow your perception WIDE OPEN you suddenly notice MANY more opportunities in your life!
  • Demonstration: Instant Mind Bending Language to resolve getting stuck in a problem
  • Layer these 7 simple mind bending questions on top of one another… and watch the problem dissolve before your eyes!
  • 3 pieces of information you MUST have if you want Mind Bending Language to work
  • BONUS student demonstration where you’ll see all the concepts put into action
  • Demos
    Demo 1: “Instant Mind Bending Language”

Main Training: Module #2
Principles Behind MBL Patterns Questions, Demo 2: “MBL Patterns Mini Session” & How To Separate Problems From Problem-Feelings

  • Demonstration: Mini session infused with Mind Bending Language patterns
  • The simple and proven method for using the 7 core MBL questions to get immediate results
  • Why understanding someone’s initial state is KEY if you want to change it
  • 3 simple ingredients you need to make using Mind Bending Language a breeze
  • How to free someone from social constraints so you instantly get more honest and open answers
  • One simple question to create a conscious/unconscious dissociation in your subject
  • Why changing your subject’s feelings about a problem… will change the problem too!
  • Discover the foundational principles behind MBL patterns questions so you understand WHY they have such a profound impact on others
  • Why you MUST separate the problem from the problem-feelings (you’ll find out the EASY way to do this!)
  • How to know if your MBL question has failed (plus the easy way to fix this issue)
  • Why the state of mind you’re in when you do a particular behavior…will define the behavior!
  • The thought-feeling-problem loop. Once you BREAK this cycle… you can fix any problem!
  • Why your subject has to feel the problem INTENSELY before you can change it
  • How to shift your subject away from the problem feeling… and towards their NEW desired state!
  • Do THIS to open up your subject’s mind to many more options BEYOND their problem!
  • You’ll find out how to direct someone’s attention to go where YOU want it to go!
  • How to take old outdated feelings, and replace them with new “upgraded” feelings instead!
  • BONUS student demonstration where you’ll see how to help someone regain focus and stop giving into distractions
  • Demos
    Demo 2: “MBL Patterns Mini Session” & How To Separate Problems From Problem-Feelings

Main Training: Module #3
Understanding The MBL Pattern Questions, Demo 3: “How To Use The MBL Patterns”, Demo 4: “MBL Spins” & Demo 5: “Two Students Using MBL”

  • Step-by-step breakdown of how to smoothly blend mind bending questions, patterns and phrases into your conversations without overthinking or second-guessing yourself
  • Ground-breaking “MBL Formulas” you simply fill in with ANY problem and outcome (this is the EASIEST way to use and master MBL ever created!)
  • How to use undetectably small “spins” to nudge people’s minds in one way or the other
  • Specific words you can infuse into your language whenever you want to “directionalize” awareness and funnel it in a specific direction
  • Deep dive into the emotional and psychological power of certain words to generate specific thoughts and feelings in your subject
  • AVOID these words (unless you want to fill your subject with doubt)
  • Make your subject convinced their problem has already disappeared (you’ll diminish the relevance of the problem and intensify the resource!)
  • Demonstration: How to use MBL patterns to dissolve problems in the span of one conversation!
  • The key to making your Mind Bending Language patterns sound elegant, effortless, and natural
  • How to use “spins” to leave others thinking… WHOA, that was a mind-blowing question!
  • Demonstration: Using mind bending language “spins” to create even deeper insights
  • BONUS student demonstration: Putting MBL Spins into action
  • Demos
    Demo 3: “How To Use The MBL Patterns”,
    Demo 4: “MBL Spins”
    Demo 5: “Two Students Using MBL”

Main Training: Module #4
The 3 Simplest Ways To Elicit The Problem/Resource State, Demo 6: “Eliciting The Problem/Resource State” & Demo 7: “Multiple MBL Questions With Students”

  • 3 simple ways to uncover the real problem and the desired solution…Do this and you’re well on your way to fixing any issue!
  • How to use mind bending language to help someone dissolve negative behaviors
  • Step-by-step process for getting to the core of a problem with MBL patterns so you can start to resolve it
  • Demonstration: The easiest and most reliable way to elicit the problem/resource state
  • The THREE questions you can use to work through ANY problem!
  • Q&A session where your questions and doubts will be answered
  • The “Mansion Mind” metaphor (this will create a total mindset SHIFT in how you think about emotions!)
  • Why you get addicted to negative mental states (and how to help someone break free!)
  • How to simplify complex problems into something you can actually FIX!
  • The incredible link between having FUN and your success with MBL
  • How to create mind bending moments without saying anything AT ALL! (Simply leave your subject thinking “wow, that was trippy!”)
  • BONUS student demonstration: Working through a state of depression using Mind Bending Language
  • Demos
    Demo 6: “Eliciting The Problem/Resource State”
    Demo 7: “Multiple MBL Questions With Students”

Main Training: Module #5
How To Reframe Questions “In The Now”, Demo 8: “What Would You Like To Feel More Often?” & Demo 9: “Students Using MBL Questions”

  • Take someone out of a rigid mindset… and into a “new world” where they can make easy changes and fast transformations
  • How problems are generated in the first place!
  • Why change HAS to happen at the “Point of Perception” PLUS how to find it!
  • EXPAND someone’s mind by shifting their mood (emotion is the doorway to creating new perspectives!)
  • Demonstration: How to leave others feeling utterly amazing by asking one simple question (this demo will leave you in awe!)
  • How to REVIVE a positive emotion (your subject will travel back in time and bring a resource back with them!)
  • Use THIS kind of language to place someone into a vivid memory so they literally FEEL themselves experiencing it all over again
  • The “Sensory Bridge” Technique to link your current self to your past self through memories
  • How to use space, time, energy, and matter to activate powerful resources for your subject
  • What to do when someone starts to get defensive and put up mental barriers (you’ll find out the elegant way to handle this)
  • How Milton Erickson used confusion to DISMANTLE rigid thought patterns and usher in fresh ways of thinking
  • BONUS student demonstration: Generate positive emotions and resources within your conversations
  • Demos
    Demo 8: “What Would You Like To Feel More Often?”
    Demo 9: “Students Using MBL Questions”

Main Training: Module #6
Demo 10: “Revivification & Eliciting The Resource State”, How To Create Many MBL Patterns Questions Using A Problem Or Syllogism & Demo 11: “Student Revivifications & Elicitations”

  • Demonstration: How to use revivification to help someone break out of negative spirals
  • The key to using Mind Bending Language on yourself!
  • How to move attention away from the problem… and… towards the resource!
  • Dissolve obstacles and open up perceptions so new options and actions appear before you!
  • Dive deep into working with revivifications. (You’ll know how to troubleshoot any situation to get the result YOU want!)
  • How to change someone’s STATE so their problem has the least amount of negative impact
  • Start to understand the elements of MBL at a deep unconscious level (it will naturally SEEP into your mind!)
  • Use this simple exercise to come up with mind bending questions (it works on ANY problem!)
  • How specific words can activate the nervous system and bring up strong emotional reactions (you can use this to YOUR advantage)
  • Discover the easy way to create MBL patterns questions so you’re never scrambling to find the right words
  • BONUS student demonstration: Using mind bending revivifications on real-world problems
  • Demos
    Demo 10: “Revivification & Eliciting The Resource State”
    Demo 11: “Student Revivifications & Elicitations”

Main Training: Module #7
The Find The Question Game & Demo 12 “Changing Word Meanings Using Tones”, Demo 13: “How to Embed Word Emphasis Into MBL & Demo 14: “Student MBL Skills Practice Combination”

  • Mix THESE words into your conversations to make others feel more relaxed, happier, calmer… or anyway YOU want them to feel!
  • Play the “Find the Question” game to take a mental break and allow the learnings to seep into your unconscious mind
  • How to become a more effective communicator through artful emphasis
  • The effective way to handle misunderstandings in ANY setting
  • Demonstration: Present embedded commands through emphasis and tone
  • How to use the Law of Attention to intensify the feeling you want someone to feel MORE of (this is one of the foundations of hypnosis!)
  • How to use Embedded Commands to trigger positive feelings through seemingly simple and ordinary sentences
  • Avoid these negative-oriented words so you don’t accidentally trigger unpleasant feelings (you might be doing this without even realizing it!)
  • Demonstration: Embedding word emphasis into your Mind Bending Language
  • How to get the conscious mind offline… so it simply doesn’t know how to resist your suggestions anymore!
  • BONUS student demonstration: Experience one simple sentence in multiple mind bending ways
  • Demos
    Demo 12 “Changing Word Meanings Using Tones”
    Demo 13: “How to Embed Word Emphasis Into MBL
    Demo 14: “Student MBL Skills Practice Combination”

Get Started With The Practitioner of Mind Bending
Language Training Program Now!

Main Training: Module #8
4 Kinds Of Ambiguities, Demo 15: “How To Use Ambiguities To Create More MBL Spins”, Demo: 16 “Punctuational Ambiguity and Phonological Ambiguity” & Demo 17: “Students Using Ambiguities In MBL And With MBL Patterns Questions”

  • Two easy ways to speed up MBL mastery so it becomes second nature to you
  • 4 powerful “ambiguities” that will knock someone out of their “normal” mental processing and into mind bending territory
  • How using humor inside of Mind Bending Language can delight the mind and make it much easier to gain access to the unconscious
  • How to send the mind directly into trance using punctuational ambiguity
  • Demonstration: Using ambiguities in Mind Bending Language to create sentences that can go on infinitely… and leave your subject utterly astounded!
  • The 4 simple categories of words you can use whenever you want to create punctuational ambiguities
  • Demonstration: Using ambiguities with MBL Patterns Questions to direct and absorb attention to easily resolve any problem
  • Discover how your pauses let you “spotlight” specific messages
  • The OPTIMAL way to combine emphasis and pauses so you have complete control over the direction of your subject’s attention
  • How to nudge someone’s mind to discover resources that will dissolve their problem and improve their life
  • The three CORE elements of Mind Bending Language that will enhance and elevate ANYTHING you do with your words
  • BONUS student demonstration: Watch MBL ambiguities used in context so you can see and feel their incredible impact on yourself!
  • Demos
    Demo 15: “How To Use Ambiguities To Create More MBL Spins”
    Demo 16: “Punctuational Ambiguity & Phonological Ambiguity”
    Demo 17: “Students Using Ambiguities In MBL And With MBL Patterns Questions”

Main Training: Module #9
How To Effectively Spin & Frame MBL Questions, Demo 18: “Framing & Spinning MBL Questions”, The Types Of Problems You Can Use MBL On & Demo 19: “Student MBL Question Spins”

  • Why your own mood and state of mind is THE most critical component of Mind Bending Language success!
  • How to effectively add spins and frames to your MBL questions for maximum impact
  • Demonstration: Framing and spinning your MBL questions plus a step-by-step breakdown of HOW and WHY it works!
  • How to create doubt in someone’s belief system to make space for NEW mindsets
  • Go through EACH mind bending question so you know exactly how and when to use them
  • Why making your subject’s problem as concrete as possible will speed up any change work!
  • How you’ll know when someone has experienced a BIG change in how they think, feel, and perceive their situation
  • Ask these 3 questions to successfully establish the parameters of your subject’s problem (this is the first step to setting up a foundation for success!)
  • How to spot problems you should AVOID trying to fix!
  • Make others feel absolutely unstoppable so the things that seemed like problems…. simply MELT away!
  • How to become a master at FRAMES and REFRAMES (your unique ability to REFRAME your subject’s perception can transform their entire mindset!)
  • How to open someone up to amazing new opportunities that would’ve normally slipped through their fingers
  • BONUS student demonstration: Helping your subject reduce late-night snacking
  • Demos
    Demo 19: “Student MBL Question Spins”

Main Training: Module #10
How To Ask Problem-State and Resource-State Questions, Demo 20: “Using The PROBAB-ility Formula With MBL” & Demo 21: “Student MBL In Action Following The PROBAB-ility Formula”

  • Why MOST people struggle with mind bending language (this training makes sure you don’t fall into the same trap!)
  • How to “contain” a problem so it doesn’t snowball out of control!
  • Use the PROBAB-ility Formula to remember exactly what steps to take while using MBL
  • Why TRUE responses are conscious choices chosen from a selection of unconscious possibilities
  • Exact questions that will expand the unconscious mind (greater perspective = more options = more opportunities!)
  • The 5 KEY questions you must ask to elicit a resource state (once you do this, overcoming a problem becomes easy and straightforward!)
  • Simple language “formulas” you can customize to ANYONE you’re speaking with for “on-the-fly” conversational hypnosis
  • Demonstration: PROBABility and Mind Bending Language in action to help someone struggling with dyslexia
  • Gain the flexibility and skills to work with ANY problem! You’ll have the confidence to guide your subject towards a solution no matter the issue
  • BONUS student demonstration: MBL In Action Following The PROBAB-ility Formula
  • Demos
    Demo 20: “Using The PROBAB-ility Formula With MBL”
    Demo 21: “Student MBL In Action Following The PROBAB-ility Formula”

Main Training: Module #11
How The PCAT Formula Works With MBL Variables, The ‘MBL Engine’ Revealed, MBL Engine Resource & Problem Role-playing & Demo 22: “Student Using The MBL Engine While Eliciting Resource And Problem States

  • The foundational PCAT Formula applied to Mind Bending Language to effortlessly gain access to the unconscious mind
  • Dissolve mental boundaries with these simple and powerful questions
  • Gain the tools to modify someone’s feelings, mood, and state.
  • How the mind filters through billions of bits of information (use this insight to communicate more effectively)
  • Your Mind Bending Language will FAIL… Unless you use the simple approach explained here
  • Gain the tools to UPGRADE the mind’s filtering system so you can adjust how someone interacts with the world!
  • The Mind Bending Language Engine: Resource and Problem role-play example
  • How to use Mind Bending Language to clear away phobias… it’s easier thank you think!
  • The ONE sentence that can place someone in the right mindset to accept and enjoy mind bending language
  • BONUS student demonstration: Using The MBL Engine while eliciting resource and problem states
  • Demos
    Demo 22: “Student Using The MBL Engine While Eliciting Resource And Problem States

Main Training: Module #12
The MBL Engine: Solving Client Confused State Role-play, The MBL Engine Using Real Content, Demo 23: “Student Using MBL In The Confused State With And Without Content” & Conclusion With Final Group Learning Integration Induction

  • The MBL Engine: How to handle any reaction from your subject and resolve confusion
  • How to use your subject’s confusion and turn it into a HUGE advantage
  • The easy way to create a revivification using the sySTEM protocol (it’s so simple you’ll avoid years of confusion and frustration!)
  • Find out how to change someone’s mood in an INSTANT (the neurochemical signature of any state is just 90 seconds!)
  • Deal with any reaction like a seasoned pro so you never second guess yourself as you spontaneously infuse MBL into your communication style
  • The exact step by step process for moving someone from a negative feeling all the way to positivity and resourcefulness
  • Know what to do at EACH step of MBL so you feel confident and relaxed as you engage in mind bending conversations
  • Do this exercise to naturally start rewiring your brain to think in mind bending ways
  • The 4 crucial elements of performance… without these elements in your foundation, you’re hurting your chances of succeeding with MBL!
  • Grab your headphones, close your eyes and listen in on a learning integration induction designed to pull all the learnings deep into your unconscious
  • BONUS student demonstration: Moving from problem to resource
  • Demos
    Demo 23: “Student Using MBL In The Confused State With And Without Content”

Main Training: Module #13
The Two Main Approaches To MBL, How To Build Client Relationships Using STEM-3 Questions, The Acquire A Superpower Game, & Demo: 24 “Students Client Relationship Building Skills & STEM Questions Practice Combination”

  • Discover TWO approaches to using Mind Bending Language and dive into REAL world applications
  • Why success comes down to context (you’ll be a pro at optimizing context by the end of the training!)
  • Find out how to build rock-solid relationships with your clients (you can apply this with anyone you meet)
  • How to show “signs of care” so others know you’re TRULY present with them and FEEL your desire to help them
  • The “Matter Energy Continuum”: Why your perception of reality isn’t as “solid” as you might think!
  • Everything you can conceptualize in the world comes down to these 4 essential coordinates!
  • The 4 questions that will prepare your conversations to turn mind bending… at any moment!
  • Demonstration: Use the ‘Acquire a Superpower’ game to fine-tune your ability to ask questions that penetrate into the core of someone’s mind
  • The paradox of shorts/long questions (this is the key to getting someone to open up to you)
  • Create the OPTIMAL conditions for Mind Bending Language to work on a deep unconscious level
  • BONUS Student Demonstration: Digging deeper into the unconscious mind by uncovering your subject’s superpower
  • Demos
    Demo 24: “Students Client Relationship Building Skills & STEM Questions Practice Combination”

Main Training: Module #14
The Acquire A Superpower With sySTEM+ Modifiers, Demo 25: “The Energy Matrix & The Power of Asking The One-Word Question “How” & Demo 26: “Two Students Using The sySTEM+ Modifiers & Energy Matrix Questions”

  • Add THREE MORE powerful elements into the superpower game to create the right conditions for problem-solving
  • Why simplicity is the key to multiplying the impact of your mind bending language
  • By the time you’re done with this module, adding spins to your conversations will feel natural and elegant!
  • Generate mind bending moments, transformations, and mental “shifts”… all while having a regular (and very fascinating) conversation!
  • Find out how to pick up on the small (and very telling) details others reveal in conversations that usually go unnoticed
  • When to drop in “normal” questions to keep the flow of your conversation just right
  • Sprinkle these special questions into your conversations to expand your subject’s mind far beyond its existing boundaries!
  • Demonstration: The Energy Matrix… Use this to decide exactly how much energy to infuse into your language patterns
  • The art of “sub-communication”: Get a strong message across without using a single word!
  • How to use your verbal AND non-verbal communication to push someone into unconscious territory (this is where the magic happens!)
  • Bonus Q&A session with in-depth answers to common questions and doubts
  • Demos
    Demo 25: “The Energy Matrix & The Power of Asking The One-Word Question “How”
    Demo 26: “Two Students Using The sySTEM+ Modifiers & Energy Matrix Questions”

Get Started With The Practitioner of Mind Bending
Language Training Program Now!

Main Training: Module #15
Demo 27: “The Reality Matrix & The Power Of Using ‘Why’ Questions”, The Principles Behind Cartesian Coordinates & Demo 28: “Two Students Using The 3 Levels Of The Question ‘Why’”

  • What to do when you make someone’s mind go completely… BLANK!
  • How to tell the difference between conscious absence and unconscious frustration
  • The groundbreaking insight that took me 20 years to figure out! Discover it for yourself in this exciting module.
  • Demonstration: Using the Reality Matrix to help someone overcome imposter syndrome
  • Use this simple ONE WORD question to challenge existing realities and flip them upside down!
  • How to peel back the layers of a problem and get to the very core (once you’re here, you can actually start to SOLVE the problem!)
  • Why you want to EXHAUST someone’s belief systems (this blows their mental map of the world WIDE open!)
  • How to free someone from their “stuck mindsets” so they suddenly feel totally liberated to choose a different way of being
  • What to do if you accidentally put someone in a negative state of mind (not to worry, you CAN recover from this!)
  • The incredible shift that happens when someone runs out of excuses… and how to seamlessly nudge someone towards this point
  • 3 easy steps to FLIP a limiting belief on its head and replace it with an enhanced NEW belief!
  • The Cartesian Coordinates Concept: Use this elegant idea to look at information from all possible perspectives (this is how the world’s greatest thinkers problem solve!)
  • How to find hidden assumptions that will allow you to dissolve problems
  • BONUS Student Demonstration: Help someone who feels like they don’t have enough time to achieve their goals
  • Demos
    Demo 27: “The Reality Matrix & The Power Of Using ‘Why’ Questions”, The Principles Behind Cartesian Coordinates
    Demo 28: “Two Students Using The 3 Levels Of The Question ‘Why’”

Main Training: Module #16
How To Set The Pygmalion Effect’s Wheels In Motion, Demo 29: “Exploring Cartesian Resource-Hunting Questions” & Student Demo 30: “Student Using The Four Quadrants Of The Cartesian Coordinates To Ask Resource Questions”

  • Demonstration: The foundational elements of the Resource Hunter
  • Apply the Cartesian Coordinates to your mind bending language patterns to shift four fundamental attitudes
  • Start using the 7 foundational questions of MBL without overthinking, doubt or frustration!
  • The easy way to avoid KILLING momentum in your conversations
  • How to train your perception to SEE what you would normally fail to notice (this puts you light years ahead of anyone else in your field!)
  • Why not all problems are goals… and not all goals are problems!
  • The must-know method for making problems EASIER and FASTER to solve!
  • Why humans SEEK OUT problems! (Hint: solving a problem gives you a massive dopamine hit!)
  • Why you’re better off adopting a curiosity mindset vs. actively looking for solutions
  • BONUS Student Demonstration: Activate resources in yourself AND in anyone you speak to make your conversations effortlessly inspiring!
  • Demos
    Demo 29: “Exploring Cartesian Resource-Hunting Questions” & Student
    Demo 30: “Student Using The Four Quadrants Of The Cartesian Coordinates To Ask Resource Questions”

Main Training: Module #17
Understanding The Insightful Cartesian Window, The Strange New World Game & The Strange New World Treasure Hunter Game & Demo 31: “Two Students Framing Questions Using STEM & MBL Modifiers To Find The Resource”

  • Everyone has dormant resources, hidden skills and latent talents lying beneath the surface of the conscious mind. Find out how YOU can help bring them to the surface!
  • How to use the “Hypnotic Pygmalion Effect” to help your subject effortlessly meet AND exceed goals and challenges (you will make anyone feel like a winner!)
  • How to ignite hope in others so they develop a deep-seated belief in their ability to overcome ANY obstacle in their way
  • Dive deeper into the 4 domains of the Cartesian Window to take your skills to the next level
  • Why most of your knowledge is stored at the unconscious level (you have a vast reservoir of resources you can TAP INTO to improve your life!)
  • Play the “The Strange New World Game” to explore your inner world and discover the things you know… but didn’t know you knew!
  • How to use the 7 STEM questions to create mind-opening “psychedelic” experiences
  • How to create presuppositions so after conversations with you others magically discover “buried treasure” within the landscape of their unconscious mind
  • Take a step even deeper into the unconscious mind with The Strange New World Treasure Hunt Game!
  • Create a “Mystery Box” within someone’s mind… so they can make a mind-bending discovery as soon as they open it!
  • BONUS Student Demonstration: Framing questions using STEM & MBL modifiers to mine for resources
  • Demos
    Demo 31: “Two Students Framing Questions Using STEM & MBL Modifiers To Find The Resource”

Main Training: Module #18
The Cartesian Coordinates Problem/Resource State: The Machine That Can Generate Infinite Language Patterns, How To Explore Phobias Using 2 Cartesian Katas & Demo 32: “Two Students Using Cartesian Katas: Mechanical, STEM & Social To Explore A Phobia”

  • How to avoid the trap of a rigid mindset when using Mind Bending Language!
  • How to use the Cartesian Coordinates with the Problem and Resources states to make someone aware they have what it takes to resolve any problem!
  • Discover “The Machine” that can generate infinite mind bending language patterns
  • How to unleash someone’s true potential (so they’re eternally grateful to you!)
  • Two approaches to explore phobias with step-by-step examples of each “phase” of the sequence
  • The key to building rapport as you gain a deeper understanding of your subject’s problem
  • Use this exercise to gain THREE different perspectives of a single problem so it becomes crystal clear in your mind!
  • Master the foundational elements and use them as a springboard for “freestyle” mind bending language
  • How to add in mind bending modifiers to make your language patterns even more irresistible!
  • Deliver mind bending questions in a way that “fits” into someone’s reality so they’re more likely to open up to you
  • Make the most mind bending questions sound logical on the surface… so they SLIP PAST even the most critical and skeptical minds
  • By now you’ll have THOUSANDS of language patterns you can use to blow someone’s mind WIDE open!
  • Watch BONUS demonstrations on how to use the Cartesian Katas (Mechanical, STEM & Social) to explore a phobia
  • Demos
    Demo 32: “Two Students Using Cartesian Katas: Mechanical, STEM & Social To Explore A Phobia”

Main Training: Module #19
How To Gain Deeper Insight Into Any Problem With Cartesian Coordinates Problem Filters, Demo 33: “How To Use The Coordinates To Dig Into A Problem Without Fixing” & Demo 34: “Students Using STEM & Modifiers To Explore A Problem Without Accidentally Resolving It”

  • How to gain “under the surface” insights into ANY problem or issue with the Cartesian Coordinates Problem Filters (this is powerful stuff!)
  • Practice using the Cartesian Coordinates so you can open up your perception and stretch it FAR beyond its usual limits
  • Ask yourself these specific “internal” questions to OPTIMIZE your conversations
  • How to explore a problem without trying to fix it (you’ll end up with WAY more exciting solutions this way!)
  • Demonstration: Use “The Problem Hunter” to dig into a problem without trying to fix it
  • Do THIS to shed light on all areas of a problem and uncover elements that were previously hidden from you!
  • Why resisting the temptation to fix problems… suddenly makes solving them much easier!
  • How to avoid transferring pressure to resolve or fix problems onto your subject (this will only PUSH them away!)
  • Tune into a Q&A session where you’ll find many of the answers to your top questions!
  • When you should AVOID giving advice so it doesn’t go ignored or annoy your subject
  • BONUS student demonstration: How to use STEM & Modifiers to explore a problem without accidentally resolving it
  • Demos
    Demo 33: “How To Use The Coordinates To Dig Into A Problem Without Fixing”
    Demo 34: “Students Using STEM & Modifiers To Explore A Problem Without Accidentally Resolving It”

Main Training: Module #20
Demo 35: “How To Use Conversational PCAT + MBL On A Superficial Problem” Demo 36: “Unearthing A Deeper & Hidden Problem With Conversational PCAT + Doubt Blowout Technique”, Demo 37: “How The Fast PCAT Formula Works With MBL Engine & The Doubt Blowout Technique” & Demo 38: “Two Students Using Fast PCAT +MBL Engine & Doubt Blowout”

  • Demonstration: How to use conversational PCAT and Mind Bending Language on a superficial problem
  • What if you could… let others see their problems in a way they NEED to see it… so it no longer has power over them?
  • The key to making mind bending questions sound smooth and natural
  • Demonstration: Blend the Fast PCAT Formula with the MBL engine AND the Doubt Blowout Technique!
  • Review each step of the PCAT formula so you know exactly HOW and WHEN to use it!
  • How to blow past someone’s usual mental programming and shake up their perception of reality!
  • Discover how to use mind bending language on REAL WORLD problems!
  • How to get your subject past self-doubt so you resolve their problem… for good!
  • See the entire PCAT formula in action (from start to finish!)
  • How to “test” if someone has fully internalized a new mindset or belief (or if you still have work to do)
  • BONUS Student Demonstration: See the fast PCAT, MBL Engine and Doubt Blowout techniques in action
  • Demos
    Demo 35: “How To Use Conversational PCAT + MBL On A Superficial Problem”
    Demo 36: “Unearthing A Deeper & Hidden Problem With Conversational PCAT + Doubt Blowout Technique”
    Demo 37: “How The Fast PCAT Formula Works With MBL Engine & The Doubt Blowout Technique”
    Demo 38: “Two Students Using Fast PCAT +MBL Engine & Doubt Blowout”

Main Training: Module #21
Full Skill Review: How To Apply Mind Bending Language To PCAT, STEM 7, Modifiers, Sub-Communications, Tactics, OOPA Loops, Cartesian Coordinates & Conversational PCAT

  • Use the fascinating Theseus’ Paradox thought experiment to find the answer to a question you’ve probably asked yourself many times…
  • The two primary mechanisms of hypnosis you can use to build NEW realities… or dissolve outdated ones
  • Start using mind bending language on the fly (it will become so natural to you… you won’t even have to think about it!)
  • The simple way to get really good at MBL spins
  • Use this step-by-step method to make MBL conversational enough for a casual workplace chat
  • Why over-complicating ideas is a sign of insecurity (do THIS instead!)
  • What the famous “Cupcake Experiment” reveals about the power of reframes
  • Discover the “physics” of hypnosis – this is totally mind blowing all on its own!
  • Dive into a FULL skills review so the concepts and ideas start to sink deep into your unconscious mind
  • How to incorporate the mind bending card decks into your conversational hypnosis mastery
  • The  #1 BIG mistake you can make when using MBL
  • Review the COMPLETE formula for doing conversational mind bending language, start to finish

Main Training: Module #22
Exploring A Problem Using STEM 7 + Modifiers, Exploring Resources/Solutions Using STEM 7 +Modifiers, Exploring Cartesian Coordinates Problem/Resource With Spins, Transform & Test, Closing Thoughts & Demo 39: “Student Applying All MBL Techniques

  • How to fix a problem with overthinking so you can focus your FULL attention on the person in front of you
  • How to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out a problem to the point where you discover a profound NEW perspective!
  • Start training yourself to keep your questions short, simple and extra mind bending!
  • When to ask ONE WORD questions (this is a surprisingly powerful way to enhance your conversations)
  • How you’ll know when your question has hit home and instantly dropped someone into a conversational trance
  • How to make seemingly innocent questions… completely BLOW someone’s mind!
  • Practice adding modifiers, negations and awareness spins onto your STEM questions
  • Find out how to explore resources and solutions in astonishing ways you haven’t thought of before
  • BONUS student demonstration: Applying all the MBL techniques and fusing them together
  • Closing thoughts and wrapping up the training
  • Plus much, much more!
  • Demos
    Demo 39: “Student Applying All MBL Techniques

You’ll also get TWO BRAND NEW Mind Bending Language Card Decks shipped to you wherever you are in the world!

These powerful decks come with the exact questions, phrases, and language patterns you can drop into your conversations and induce rapid trances and transformations.

Your first set of cards includes the FREE Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Patterns Deck with 60 Cards.

Simply plug in the problem, outcome, or behavior someone wants to change into each question or phrase you see on each card…

And just like that, you have the exact phrases and questions you can use to break down problems, dissolve issues and transform behaviors.

Here’s a quick preview of the 60 power cards, which are split up into 6 suits…

  • 10 Space Cards – Empower you with the language patterns to change someone’s perception about WHERE their problem exists.
  • 10 Time Cards – Let you dissolve the existing constraints of time surrounding your subject’s problem.
  • 10 Energy Cards – Break down self-doubt and loosen the unconscious mind’s grip on any problem.
  • 10 Matter Cards – Bring into question the existence of a problem or issue and transform the mind’s perception of how it exists.
  • 10 Identity Cards – Give you a fast track to personal transformation by changing how someone feels, thinks, and acts.
  • 10 Specialty Spins Cards – Use these language spins to go BEYOND the original patterns and take your mind bending language to the next level.

Your second FREE Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Modifiers Deck includes 78 Cards which you can use to modify the core language patterns and create countless variations so you never sound dull or repetitive.

Here’s a quick preview of the 78 power cards, which are split up into 5 suits…

  • 16 Mind Bending Cheat Codes Cards – Easily distract someone from their core problem so their attachment to it starts to break down and fade away.
  • 21 Mind Bending Quantifier Cards – Add these quantifiers to your language patterns and use them interchangeably to increase the “mind bending” nature of your questions.
  • 12 Mind Bending Connector Cards – These seemingly simple connectors integrate neurological opposites and give the unconscious mind a chance to FLIP the problem on its head!
  • 11 Mind Bending Time Cards – Manipulate the concept of time, putting someone into the past or future to change their relationship or attachment to a problem. This is time travel at its best!
  • 11 Mind Bending Predicates Cards – Enhance your mind bending language with these powerfully simple words that will suddenly bring a whole new meaning to your questions.
  • 7 Mind Bending Awareness Cards – Uncover new resources and ideas by bringing awareness to previously overlooked areas of the mind.

Each card also comes with examples so you can quickly understand how to use them when you’re speaking or writing.

What’s more, they’re definitely a handy and fast way to master a new skill.

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You can also use it socially in everyday life (to help a friend drop a lifelong phobia or habit, help your child with their enthusiasm for homework or just make others feel incredibly good whenever they spend time with you).

All I Ask Is That You Use Your Influence With Caution
Because mind bending language is extremely powerful, so make sure to use your influence to guide others in a positive direction.

So if you’re ready to use this tool to be a force for good and multiply your positive influence then I urge you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity and get the Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Training Program right now!

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“It’s the most simple form of change work I’ve seen. You can use these simple language patterns and if you’re talking to the right person at the right place at the right time, you can make change work in an instant.  ”

“I’ve already used it with clients of mine. I’ve seen the results. It’s quick and it’s amazing.
Don’t even hesitate.
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“By using these techniques and blending them with some of the other techniques I have has taken me to a whole new level. You can break out those little fine tools that can really get somebody beyond their own beliefs a lot faster.”

“I can literally take just a few words and help a person see how they have the resources to overcome the problem or help them realize it really wasn’t a problem anyways, they just needed to have a different outlook.

It’s so practical. Anybody can use this at any time. You don’t have to be a therapist. I highly recommend it for anybody who wants to work on their communication skills and be more effective in reaching people for good.” ”

“Things are now possible that didn’t seem possible before. It’s an amazing experience to notice how quickly change can occur.

It’s an amazing system. I love it. You can really explore your mind working in a totally different way. It’s really quick and really effective and really fast. ”

“I feel better equipped for instantaneous change. Mind bending language is an amazing tool for transformation, whether it’s to help someone else transform, or even just self-transformation. Highly recommend it.”
“I can’t put into words how grateful I am to do this course. It’s made me more confident about mind-bending language, and it’s shown me how effective it is as a tool to help people break through blockages.

It’s just so beautiful to be able to have a conversation and just slip in a couple of the questions or spins and see the impact .”

Get Started With The Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Training Program!
Rush me my Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Training Program! I absolutely want to discover the techniques, methods, and strategies of this groundbreaking covert conversational hypnosis technology!

Practitioner Of Mind-Bending Language By Igor Ledochowski, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)