Mindfulness For Your Very Next Session More Than 20 Mindfulness Skills and Techniques for Your Treatment Plans for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, and Addiction by Jason Murphy

Faculty:Jason Murphy

Duration:6 Hours 29 Minutes | Format:Audio and Video

Archive : Mindfulness For Your Very Next Session by Jason Murphy

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How to Teach Mindfulness Practices In-Session

  • Cultivation of attunement
  • Tips for teaching clients about the senses
  • The language of mindfulness
  • Teaching compassion and awareness
  • Informal vs. formal practices

Mindfulness for Trauma: Break the Rumination Cycle and Disempower Intrusive Thoughts

  • Somatic signals from the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Foundational awareness/mindfulness
  • Strategies that break the rumination cycle
  • Guided meditations to disempower intrusive thoughts
  • Grounding exercises – get back to now without suppressing thoughts
  • Sample scripts
  • Online resources for guided meditations

Mindfulness in Your Treatment Plans for Addictions: Break the Habit Loop

  • Co-occurring mood disorders
  • Awareness vs. autopilot – relapse prevention
    • Mindfulness for triggers
    • Emotional regulation for cravings
  • Kindness awareness and compassion

Pacify the Anger Response: Breathing and Self-Soothing Techniques That Work

  • Anger alarm – noticing anger in your body
  • Breathe through anger
  • Distraction and grounding techniques
  • Self-soothe with calming words and imagery
  • Exercises:
    • Cooling wisdom
    • Big Sky Meditation
    • The Emotional Fire Extinguisher

Anxiety and Depression: Mindfulness to Relax the Body and Mind

  • Muscle tension releasing – exercises to counter fight or flight
  • Guided visualizations that lower the stress response
  • Movement strategies
  • Multi-sensory regulation techniques

Get Mindfulness For Your Very Next Session by Jason Murphy on


Despite your best efforts, many clients continue to battle with negative thinking, anxious rumination, angered outbursts, panic attacks and addiction. And while many clients do well in the confines of a clinical session, they struggle when faced with difficult situations outside of your office – out in the real-world in real-time. When traditional treatment approaches fall short, you’re left searching for tools to help your clients effectively intervene in the anxiety, stress, addictive cravings and anger that negatively impact their lives

Watch this recording and add new dimensions to your treatment plans for trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, and addiction!

Walk away equipped with tools to effectively guide clients in developing an emotional regulation system that will assist future resilience and well-being, even amid situations that cause stress, anxiety, anger and emotional burnout. In addition to skills applicable to a variety of clinical populations, you will also receive access to scripts and exclusive online resources to help them integrate mindfulness exercises into their psychotherapeutic practice.

Better still this recording is taught through an experiential lens, giving you first-hand experience in both practicing and leading these techniques, providing you the opportunity to build the confidence you need to use these skills into your very next clinical session!

Key Benefits of Watching:

  • Attune to your clients’ needs and develop insight into the emotional regulatory process.
  • Techniques to break the rumination cycle and disempower intrusive thoughts.
  • Guided visualizations that lower the stress response.
  • Mindfully reduce the intensity of anxiety and panic.
  • Establish how mindfulness can be put to use in real-world situations that induce anger.
  • Help clients avoid relapse by mindfully identify triggering situations.