Joe Wright – Maximum Lots Trading Course

Joe Wright – Maximum Lots Trading Course

Joe Wright – Maximum Lots Trading Course

About Course:

This course will help you stop consistently losing so that you can become a profitable trader

You’ve probably been trading for a while and know a lot about the markets but for some reason you still aren’t consistently profitable. You know how to analyse the markets and spot trades but losses outweigh the wins.

Course Structure

What is Forex?

  • Introduction to Forex

Supply and Demand

  • What is Supply and Demand
  • How To Identify Supply
  • How To Identify Demand
  • Supply and Demand Swap Zones
  • Profit Potential

Support and Resistance

  • What Is Support and Resistance
  • Weekly SR


  • What Is Exhaustion

Identifying The Trend

  • How to Identify the Trend
  • The Main Trend
  • The Counter Trend

Major Market Patterns

  • Market Patterns
  • Trading Channels

Reading Price

  • Top-Down Analysis
  • How To Short with The Trend
  • How To Short Against the Trend
  • How To Long with The Trend
  • How To Long Against the Trend
  • Fractals & Fadeouts
  • Trading Fractals & Fanouts

Trade Management

  • How To Enter Trades
  • Knowing When To Exit
  • Securing Your Profits

Money Management

  • The Importance of Money Management
  • Risk/Reward

Developing Discipline

  • Developing Discipline

Success Tools

  • Success Tools


  • Short Term Trading

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