Kyle Shultz – The Phone Photography Course For Parents1

Kyle Shultz – The Phone Photography Course For Parents

Discover the secrets of taking pro-quality pics of your kids…with only your iPhone!

Course Curriculum

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  • Keep yourself on track
  • Referral Program
  • Join the Community
  • Know your Phone’s sweet spot!
  • 3 Tips = 3x Better
  • All about the famous rule of thirds
  • Use lines to lead the eye
  • Negative space basics
  • The secret to getting the subject to “POP!”
  • Light Law #1: Forever change where you shoot.
  • Light Law #2: The antidote to flat light
  • Light Law #3: You might as well be in biz
  • Every pro owns this to create stunning light
  • A foolproof natural light setup
  • How the pros make the eyes “pop”
  • Use window light like a pro
  • 5 tips for shooting in direct sunlight
iPhone Camera Tips & Tricks
  • Dial In Your Camera Settings
  • Launch Your Camera Quicker
  • A better “take the picture” button!
  • How to nail your focus and brightness level
  • How to Capture the perfect moment (even during fast action)
  • Why you should probably skip “HDR” most of the time
  • All about “Live” photos
  • 2 keys to capture perfect panoramas
  • Why (and how) to disable auto-flash
  • To zoom or not to zoom?
  • The “Game Changer” – aka Portrait Mode
  • Brand New: Portrait Lighting
Android Camera Tips & Tricks
  • Module Release News!
  • Android vs iOS – And the winner is…
Must Have iPhone Apps for Editing, Printing & Sharing
  • Basic Editing with Apple Photos App
  • Instagram: Tried & True
  • VSCO: Film lovers rejoice
  • The ever popular Snapseed
  • Auto-magically retouch your photos
  • Yes Apple, we’re using Google Photos (and loving it)
  • Chatbooks: Your one stop for books and prints

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