Courier Delivery Driver (Training Video) By Shawn In Town


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Courier Delivery Driver (Training Video) By Shawn In Town – Instant Download!

This training video details all the information you need to know to get started in the Courier Delivery Personal Driver business. It’s a business that allows you to drive your own vehicle, even a rental and make endless revenue. The video is from a Webinar I hosted, so it will have a live feel to it as you’re watching!

· You’ll learn the startup process, using your own vehicle.

· You’ll learn about the Apps & Websites that pays.

· You’ll learn how to leverage contracts.

· You’ll learn rates and how to make the big bucks.

· You’ll learn how to get qualified contracts and partners.

· You’ll learn how about the driver networks and how to get the bag.

· You’ll learn how to hire a sub-contractor and create passive income.

· We’re also giving away some of the best Medical Courier companies you can sign up with, if you’d like to deliver on the medical side of the courier business only.

Fun Facts:

· Over a million new millionaires were created in 2021. These were people who purchased a course, or a training during the heights of Covid in 2020. This is when the country was in shut down. During that time, they learnt new ways to create revenue and began executing. They became millionaires in 2021.

· 97% of people who bet on themselves, always end up succeeding. It’s your time, bet on yourself!

Courier Delivery Driver (Training Video) By Shawn In Town, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)