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By This Exact Time Next Year, You Could Have Double The Clients, And Double The Income That You Have Right Now

Even If You Hate Social Media, Loathe Promoting Yourself, And Don’t “get” Marketing. I’ll Show You How.

Using the same 5-step marketing system, that a man from new york used to help grow his business from $0 to $216,000 a year.

The 5 content marketing mistakes you need to avoid at all costs!

  1. Trusting your instincts
  2. Going in blindly without an effective plan
  3. Only following the advice from blog posts and podcasts
  4. Spending too much time on the “perfect” strategy
  5. Trying to do things on your own

Introducing Content Marketing School

That’s why I and my partner Jason Quey created an effective content marketing system that will help you to:

  • Identify your best customers to stand out from the competition
  • Generate a blueprint to create and position your content effectively
  • Craft content that specifically solves your customer’s problems
  • Master the art of authentic promotion

Measure, optimize, and scale your process to rapidly grow your business online

We designed this course to have everything you need to walk you through the 5-step process of building – and scaling – your business with content.

And to provide the accountability and support system you crave.

  • Step-by-step lessons that are easy to follow
  • Supportive community of fellow founders, creators, in-house marketers, and entrepreneurs
  • A step-by-step system to plan, strategize, create, promote, and scale your business
  • Built-in accountability to keep you focused and motivated
  • Unlimited personal consulting with me and my partner Jason Quey.

This course was formed by proven tactics and strategies that work in any industry.

Each of the five phases provides you with everything you need to generate leads and sales online.

No fluff. Just actionable content.

Each lesson will give you everything you need to help put what you’ve learned into practice.

What Will You Learn In Content Marketing School?

Over the course of 5 weeks, I’ll teach you the exact system I use to build a scaleable content marketing system and business online.

Module 1: How To Intimately Know Your Competition and Clients

  • Why most content falls flat… A simple trick to discover what your audience craves and deliver exactly what they want, every time
  • Did you know that you have more than one ideal client? I’ll teach you how to find your best clients and identify their biggest pains, dreams, and desires. Then, you will win their trust and become their guide and adviser
  • How to analyze the competition to find key growth opportunities
  • How to find the right sites where your clients spend time online. This tip is highly valuable to getting quality traffic to your site
  • How to position your content to make your competition practically irrelevant
  • Goal of this module: Analyze the competition, find your ideal customer, what they struggle with, and learn how to soothe their burning pain with your content.

Module 2: The Building Blocks of Your Content Framework

  • Why you don’t need to be a master marketer to create content effectively
  • Why the best content isn’t created out of thin air. Rather, it is assembled carefully, while following a simple step-by-step system
  • How to create an in-depth guide to solve your clients’ needs (without putting your audience to sleep)
  • Do you struggle to find your voice? I’ll show you how to write in a way that’s genuine and unmistakably you
  • Not sure what to write about? I’ll teach you how to find a near unlimited supply of ideas to create content
  • Goal of this module: Generate the blueprint to create and position your content that blows competitors out of the water.

Module 3: Crafting Content That Sells

  • The secret to making your content more appealing (and persuasive)
  • How to create content so compelling, it will keep your clients hungry to buy your services
  • A detailed look at how to build credibility and become the go-to expert with your content
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about creating content your audience craves? Then you’ll love my 3 simple tips to find content practically guaranteed to succeed
  • Cut through the noise: Use these subtle tweaks to get your content consumed and stand out from all the noise
  • Want to guest post on any site? Even for a major publication? Then you will love learning how to use “The PR Pyramid” to write for any site, big or small
  • Goal of this module: Regularly create effective content that attracts dozens of leads and at least 2 new clients a month.

Module 4: Mastering The Art of Authentic Promotion

  • Getting traffic to your site is TOUGH. I will teach you how to leverage other people’s platforms (OPPs) to cut your effort in half
  • Everywhere you look, there is a new social media platform. Let me simplify where you should focus your attention, first
  • Key partnerships can change your business overnight. You will learn how to find and develop these important relationships
  • What to do if your content just isn’t getting traffic… I’ll show you how to spot the problem and fix it, immediately
  • Got more promotion ideas than you know what to do? Using the “ICE” method, you will systematically know which ideas to pursue
  • Ready to invest in paid traffic? I’ll teach you how to track your campaigns and maximize your return on investment
  • Goal of this module: Learn how to promote your content and maximize the return on investment to get at least a hundred leads and 5 new clients a month.

Module 5: How To Effectively Optimize and Scale Your Business

  • Everything you need to know to automate your business. Including specific guidelines to help you remain authentic
  • Looking to hire to scale your business? We’ll help you find, test, and hire the right people and agencies (and how much to pay them)
  • How to find out what’s working and double down on it and cut what’s killing your business
  • The secret to creating a system that pre-qualifies leads for you
  • Simple tactics to keep you focused and productive on the work that matters
  • Goal of this module: Measure, analyze and optimize your content strategy to attract hundreds of leads and at least 10 new clients a month.

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