Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm

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Author: Jessica Caver Lindholm
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Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm – Instant Download!

You deserve the body of your dreams AND to fully enjoy life without diets, deprivation and forced workouts.

Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm
Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm

You don’t need diets or the gym to lose weight.
Actually, you can quit both forever and create your fittest body with pleasure, ease and flow.
I did.

I tried doing the whole diet and workout thing for years and instead of feeling lean, fit and energized I actually gained MORE weight, felt deprived, depressed and damn near created an eating disorder.

But that wasn’t enough to wake me up from the lies of the diet and fitness industry. I believed soo deeply in diet and exercise that I became a certified personal trainer and tried every diet out there thinking one of them would “save me” at some point.

I counted calories.
Cut out carbs.
Went vegan.
Ate spoonfuls of oil before meals (don’t ask).
I have done just about every diet and cleanse out there. Many multiple times.

> Truth Bomb:
You will NEVER create the body of your dreams, let alone be able to sustain it longterm, from deprivation, diets, rules and restriction. Period.

You cannot create abundance from feelings of lack and you cannot create freedom and results in your body that feel expansive from putting yourself in the diet and exercise hell of your nightmares.
But, all we’ve ever been taught is how to deprive ourselves to create our dream body.

To cut back on all the things that bring you pleasure, to say goodbye to bread, or only have potatoes one day a week, never even look at a dessert again and “butter, are you crazy? That will go straight to your thighs.”

Total utter nonsense.

There’s a better way, a way that your soul has been whispering to you, wisdom that has guided you here to this page today. It’s not an accident that you’re reading this right now. There’s some part of your story around your body that was the same as mine.

And because I lived there for years I KNOW how painful it is and that you too are ready to let it go and live naturally fit, sexy, and free.

If there’s a secret to being able to eat whatever you want and live naturally fit, sexy and free, I’ve unlocked it.

Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm

I can stand here today and honestly say I have zero hang ups around my body anymore.

– I quit dieting for good
– I lost 30 lbs and finally live at my dream weight without trying
– I can eat whatever I want and still be naturally thin and fit
– I only move my body for pleasure
– And I can adjust and design my body as I desire at anytime

Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm
I’ve easily sustained being naturally fit for 7 years (and counting), I’m in my best shape ever and my body looks and feels better at 36 than it ever did in my 20’s. I move when I want. I eat what fuels me along with nachos, burgers, steak, beer and dessert, regularly. I never say no to food and I have ZERO concern that food will make me gain weight or that I have to “burn it off” after I eat.

And I’m ready to share it with you!
The world needs this work right now more than ever because there’s big things you’re meant to do with your life. There’s a big positive impact you’re meant to have. There’s hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions of people you are meant to positively reach with your message and story.

You were made to impact millions and make millions!


You can’t do any of that if you are consumed by thinking about your body, not feeling confident in your body, feeling low energy, sluggish and so far from the fullest expression of who you really are.

Be honest, when you envision your dream life how do you see yourself?

Probably not 20 lbs over your ideal weight in sweat pants beating yourself up for not being able to fit into any of your favorite clothes.
Am I right?

None of us do!
You get to have soulmate EVERYTHING and that includes your soulmate body!

You’re a visionary and there’s an incredible life you’re meant to live that does not include being hung up and putting tons of energy into worrying about your body anymore.

Draw the line in the sand, this gets to be up leveled starting now.

That’s why I’ve created my signature body course and I’m ready to share ALL of this with you!

Are you ready to say goodbye to:
– Restrictive diets?
– Forced workouts?
– Not fitting into your favorite jeans?
– Saying no to bread/cheese/butter/fries etc at dinner?
– Avoiding mirrors?
– Low energy?
– Having to choose to feel comfortable OR fashionable?
– Feeling like you have to work out SOO hard and SOO long to see any results?
– Avoiding parties, get togethers, or anywhere you know there will be “temptations”?
– And just soo done thinking about all of this and ready for it to be up leveled NOW?!?

And are you ready to discover the most aligned, playful and free way to your fittest, sexiest body EVER?!?

What You’ll Receive in Fit.Sexy.FREE.
>> Instant + Lifetime Access to a Vault of Core Video Trainings, Audios, a Bonus Guide and more packed with Powerful Aligned Content from Jess to Transform Your Body Forever!! <<

  • Instant Access to Your Pre-work Audio:
    “Your Body Transformation Starts NOW!”
    I’ve recorded a powerful audio for you to kick off with as soon as you sign up to really feel the energy of being naturally fit, sexy and free now with the 3 steps to do today to prime yourself for EPIC results NOW!
  • 7 Powerful Core Fit.Sexy.FREE. Video Trainings + Guided Audios!!
    You will receive instant + lifetime access to 7 powerful video trainings, audios, bonus resources and more to help you totally transform your body with tools you can use to create and then effortlessly maintain the body of your dreams.
    In the Fit.Sexy.FREE. way, of course. No dieting or forced workouts. I’ve pulled back the veil on the exact thoughts, feelings, emotions, energies and aligned actions I used to lose 30 lbs and create a totally liberated relationship with my body for good.

Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm

Just a Few of the Core Areas You’ll Master in Fit.Sexy.FREE.

  • My ‘No Workout’ Workout Plan 😉

Working out is not required to be fit. You never have to get on a treadmill or go to the gym again if you don’t want to. I approach fitness in a very specific way — it has to feel f*cking amazing and be tons of fun or I’m not doing it. There’s been plenty of times where my “workout routine” was walking my dogs and doing squats while I brush my teeth, that’s it. Working out gets to be fun and it gets to be effective even if it’s only 5 minutes. I’ll show you how.

  • The “Energy + Pleasure Diet” I Swear By
    Obviously this isn’t a real diet because diets are dumb. This is an approach I take to eating that totally kicked my addiction to disordered eating, counting calories and punishing myself with deprivation and exercise and instead shifted me into a new state of high energy, so I can run my empire like a boss, and continual pleasure because I’m a goddess (and so are you) and life is meant to be indulged in and enjoyed. I can’t wait to share this with you!!!
  • My Fit AF and Naturally Thin Mindset
    How to effortlessly maintain your dream weight and body whether you’re traveling, it’s the holidays, you worked out or not, it does not matter! Learn how to lock in being a naturally fit goddess who can do whatever she wants and still look and feel hot, hot, hot. In a bikini, at a photoshoot or just hanging out with your love, you get to be turned on by your incredible body all the time.
  • Exactly How I Lost 30 lbs and Became Leaner and Fitter Than Ever By Breaking ALL the Rules
    I’ll share exactly what I did and how to boost your confidence so you too can break the grip of all the rules that the diet and fitness industry has told you you have to do and discover your own aligned blueprint to your best body EVER in a way that feels amazing to you!
  • How to Reverse Age for Glowing Skin and A Magnetic Presence No Matter Your Age
    I’m 36 and I get mistaken for my 20’s all the time. EVERYTHING about my body, energy, skin, sex life, fitness level, the way I carry myself, everything has gotten better. I’m going to share exactly how I feel about and approach aging so you can increase your energy and reverse age like a boss to be the wisest, most confident AND vital version of you.
  • And So Much More!

Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm

And Bonuses Worth Signing Up On Their Own…

Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm



BONUS #1 >>
“5 Days in My Life” Breakdown to see exactly what I eat and when, how I move my body and my naturally fit beliefs around food in action!

What I really eat, how I think about food + how I move my body (from green smoothies to nachos and everything in between haha).

I don’t believe in deprivation, I eat absolutely whatever I want, nothing is off limits and I know exactly what is aligned for my body and when. This awareness has set me free. And you’ll see how I think about moving my body as well only in ways that feel amazing to me and when I want to.




Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm


BONUS #2 >>
‘Effortless Weight Loss + Full Body Alignment’ Guided Audio

A powerful guided audio recorded with binaural beats with the subliminal thoughts and energy of your most expansive, fit, sexy and free body that you can listen to anytime anywhere to reprogram yourself and every cell of your body to transform into your dream body.




Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm



BONUS #3 >>
Almost 3 hours of Bonus ‘Best Body Ever’ Videos!





Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm

Fit.Sexy.FREE by Jessica Caver Lindholm – what is it included: 

1. Welcome + Get Started

  • 1. Welcome to Fit.Sexy.FREE.pdf
  • 2. Questions.pdf
  • 3. Client Podcast.mp4
  • 3. Client Podcast.pdf

2. Trainings + Audios

  • 1. Pre-work Audio Your Body Transformation Starts Now.wav
  • 2. Day 1 Training.mp4
  • 2. Day 1 Training.pdf
  • 3. Day 2 – Total Dream Body Alignment Guided Audio.mp3
  • 3. Day 2 – Total Dream Body Alignment Guided Audio.pdf
  • 4. Day 3 Training.mp4
  • 5. Day 4 – Shifting What You’re Getting From.pdf
  • 5. Day 4 – Shifting What You’re Getting From.wav
  • 6. Day 5 Training – Get Exactly What You Want.mp4
  • 7. Day 6 – The Art of Reverse Aging.wav
  • 8. Day 7 Training – Wrap-up + Q&A.mp4

3. Bonus Resources!

  • 1. Effortless Weight Loss.wav
  • 2. The Bonus Body Call.mp4
  • 3. The Bonus Fit.pdf
  • 4. Create Your Dream Body.mp4