Monday – Sartuday 8 AM – 11:30 PM (Singapore Time) GMT +8
Amazon FBA PPC Strategy – Sell on first page organically
  • Amazon FBA PPC Strategy – Sell on first page organically

Amazon FBA PPC Strategy – Sell on first page organically


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Amazon FBA PPC Strategy – Sell on first page organically

What you’ll learn

Will learn in detail where is the best and worst keywords on process of campaign
Learn how to optimize campaign on Sponsored Products Ads
Understand campaign like a process, since understand when to use until create it, review reports and also keep understanding results and how it impact on profitability
If you have optimized offer, you will achieve first page organically for the most relevant/high volume keyword for you product


Be able to work with microsoft excel or google sheets
Be a seller on amazon or work for a company that sells on amazon


Are you launching a new product and want to see it on first page, and more important, selling in a profitable way? This is the course that you must to watch.

No matter if your product is new, with this Sponsored Products ads strategy plus good product, you can sell your product and get good profits on market. It is not one time improvement, but a machine improvement and mindset that you can ever get your campaigns better for how much products you want. You can even change some steps on process by your experience, it give space for you always improve and let your fingerprint on it.

It also do not depend from external tools although I recommend some, you just will use excel to work on spreadsheets.

In the end you can expect for higher profits, more ads spending control and knowledge about when to use and in which level of investment to use.

Who this course is for:

Sellers on Amazon that wish to understand better how to optimize PPC campaigns
Any person that wants to learn, maybe for own business, maybe to sell service to others
Person that has open mind and want to take advantage about to work in the most important part of Amazon Fba Business: Sales