Yassin Baum – AI Cold Email Academy

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Yassin Baum – AI Cold Email Academy

Learn Exactly How I Book 45+ Meetings/Month For My Agency With An AI Cold Email System

Booking 100+ meetings a month for my own agency, I’ve learned a couple things that most “gurus” out there don’t share.

What You’ll Learn In AI Cold Email Academy?

  • Generate 10,000+ emails of your dream clients fast and for less than $200
  • AI workflow to personalize scripts FREE based on the prospect’s website (“I saw you’re helping fashion brands scale with TikTok”)
  • Learn how to build an automated cold email system the RIGHT way to get 80-90% open rates
  • Access to proven cold email scripts that have gotten me 300+ meetings
  • AI cold email generator that I’ve developed to create cold emails in less than 2 minutes

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