Frank Kern – SANDOR 2023

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Frank Kern – SANDOR 2023

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified SANDOR Consultant.

The SANDOR model is the result of 20 years (and counting) of working in the trenches as a practicing consultant.

It has taken 18 months of planning just to be able to offer this to you, as it is quite literally the culmination of my life’s work.

It is truly an honor to share it with you and I sincerely hope it will benefit you in the same way it has benefited me and my clients.


Frank Kern

What You’ll Learn In SANDOR 2023?

  1. About The Program
  2. The Scope Of Opportunity
  3. The SANDOR Model And Curriculum
  4. Your Training Experience
  5. Certification Timeframe
  6. Certification Requirements
  7. Special Alumni Benefits
  8. Kern Direct Response Curriculum
  9. Intent Based Branding Curriculum
  10. Kern Direct Response Curriculum
  11. Intent Based Branding Curriculum
  12. Logistics Of The Program
  13. Tuition
  14. Admissions

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