Troy Broussard – Core Campaigns

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Troy Broussard – Core Campaigns

Troy Broussard – Core Campaigns

A campaign, also referred to as autoresponders or email sequences, encompasses a series of pre-written emails triggered automatically by specific events or actions. For instance, when a customer makes a purchase, it can trigger one or more automated emails, exemplifying a straightforward campaign. These campaigns serve various purposes, including marketing and promotion, fulfillment, engagement, and consumption. The training in question provides specific guidance on maximizing the effectiveness of these campaigns and maintaining a clear focus on their intended goals.

The training delves into a range of valuable insights, offering participants the knowledge to implement impactful strategies. One notable aspect covered is an automated campaign designed to run continuously in the background, influencing Gmail to enhance the deliverability of regular broadcasts. Additionally, the course explores a sophisticated post-purchase campaign based on an ancient Italian mathematical formula, identified as the 13 best days to send follow-up emails following the purchase of a high-ticket course. Praised by a client as “GENIUS,” this campaign involves a nuanced approach backed by real-world results.

Furthermore, the training reveals a psychological tactic to include in welcome emails, making it nearly neurologically impossible for recipients not to reply, without resorting to bribes or giveaways. It also outlines a method to leverage widely-available email automation to calculate a new subscriber’s product preferences and automatically trigger offers tailored to those preferences. The course details specific timings, such as sending a crucial email 22 to 27 minutes after someone joins the email list, demonstrating a keen understanding of effective communication strategies.

Beyond email campaigns, the training addresses common advertising mistakes that may unknowingly filter out high-net-worth leads from viewing ads. It emphasizes fundamental skills, such as a tagging maneuver for list organization during promotions, applicable to any campaign. The course introduces the “One Thing” core campaign to be sent immediately after the welcome sequence, showcasing a systematic approach to email marketing.

Additionally, the training provides practical tips, like the “barbecue handshake” method for crafting welcome emails effortlessly, even for those who find copywriting challenging. The curriculum explores the strategic timing for soliciting testimonials in post-purchase campaigns, challenging conventional marketing practices. In essence, this comprehensive training equips participants with a diverse set of skills, from advanced automated campaigns to fundamental organizational tactics, ensuring they can navigate the intricacies of email marketing successfully.

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