Social Savannah – The UGC Creator Academy

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Social Savannah – The UGC Creator Academy

Introducing The UGC Creator Academy, an opportunity to learn from the expertise of Savannah Sanchez, the accomplished founder of the top ad agency The Social Savannah. Having successfully trained over 50 high-performing creators within her agency, Savannah is now extending her knowledge and insights to individuals eager to become successful User-Generated Content (UGC) creators.

The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, beginning with UGC Ad Creation. Participants will gain valuable insights into Savannah’s methods, from understanding briefs and selecting filming and editing equipment to finding inspiration for creating top-performing UGC content. This foundational knowledge lays the groundwork for aspiring creators to produce compelling and effective ads.

Delving into the business aspects of being a creator, the course navigates through critical subjects such as determining charges, offering various UGC services, negotiating rates, contract creation, marketing strategies, and the distinction between being an Independent Contractor versus forming an LLC. Legal considerations are explored, providing a holistic view of the business side of UGC creation.

The curriculum extends to strategies for Growing Your UGC Business, where participants learn how to scale their UGC ad creation enterprises. This section covers attracting new clients, offering templates for cold direct messaging potential clients, optimizing social profiles to generate leads, and building a robust portfolio.

The course is structured meticulously, with a detailed Course Curriculum that includes modules such as understanding what brands look for in creators, interpreting briefs, services creators can offer (Raw Content, Fully Edited Ads, Spark Ads, Meta Whitelisting), and the editing software used by Savannah for creating UGC ads.

Savannah further provides practical tools such as contract templates, pricing guides, communication strategies with clients, and insights into the legal and financial aspects of being a UGC creator. The inclusion of topics like FTC guidelines, business insurance, and handling liabilities ensures a well-rounded education.

Beyond the core curriculum, participants benefit from additional resources and bonus materials aimed at helping them scale their UGC businesses. The comprehensive nature of the course is reinforced by Savannah’s reputation as a trailblazer in the UGC realm, having collaborated with renowned brands and grown her team to over 50 UGC content creators.

In conclusion, The UGC Creator Academy offers a structured and invaluable learning experience, equipping aspiring creators with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to thrive in the competitive world of UGC ad creation. Savannah Sanchez’s expertise, shared through this course, serves as a beacon for those looking to make a mark in the dynamic field of User-Generated Content.

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