Tradingpsychologyedge – Wyckoff in Modern Market II

In this webinar recording, we cover:

Buying Climax
How to see supply and weakness entering the market before it falls
How to tell a top without climactic action
Identifying the differences between profit-taking supply and climactic action
How to recognize distribution

The death knell for a stock: Fall Through the Ice

The Up Thrust
How to tell when a corrective rally in a downtrend is about to take place
Understanding the characteristics of a corrective rally so you are not scared out of a perfectly sound short position
Identifying when a corrective rally is likely to be over
Understanding the characteristics of a liquidating market

Where to take short trades

Not only will we review Wyckoff’s 1930-31 market, but we will also review examples from current markets of each of the principles Wyckoff revealed for us. At each chain in the progression, we will review clear examples of how what Wyckoff first discussed almost 80 years ago remain as alive and vital indications in modern markets.

Wyckoff really captured human behavior in the form of market action as reflected in the charts. Human behavior is evolutionary – it has not changed since Wyckoff’s time and will not change into the future. We will see this clearly in charts from the current markets.

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