David Weis – Catching Trend Reversals

David Weis – Catching Trend Reversals


David Weis (Author)

Filmed during 2007 Traders’ Camp in Caribbean – 4 DVD set, about 4 hours long.David Weis is one of the most serious, creative, and experienced analysts working today. Everyone who had taken his class has been changed by that experience: forever be drawing ‘David Weis lines’ on your charts, identifying levels where the uptrends run out of steam and turn down and downtrends fizzle out and turn up. David is a classical market analyst and trader who watches support and resistance zones, the height of price ranges, the intensity or the shallowness of the volume bars.

He teaches you to find reversals at the edges of trading ranges. David has been one of the most popular instructors in our Traders’ Camps. We brought a video crew to a Camp and tape his presentation and tightly edited into four hours of pure gold. The visual quality is excellent, and you can easily find any chapter that interests you.