Tom & Alex – Honest FBA Essentials

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Tom & Alex – Honest FBA Essentials

Tom & Alex – Honest FBA Essentials

Tom & Alex – Honest FBA Essentials

Our A-Z course, plus the support of Alex, Tom & the Honest FBA community.


  • 170+ step by step videos
  • Lifetime course access
  • Bonus modules from 7 and 8 figure experts
  • Bi-weekly live group Q&A calls
  • 5x Product review videos (we give you feedback on your ideas)
  • 2x 45 min 1on1 calls with Tom/Alex
  • 1x listing review video (we review your listing before you launch)
  • Private Discord community (ask us anything, anytime)
  • 8+ calculators & templates
  • Library of SOPs

So, what’s in this thing?

1.Getting started with Amazon FBA

We guide you through the basics of the FBA model. Helping you setup your business entity, talk you through everything you need to know about taxes, business admin, mindset, productivity and the end to end process of sourcing products to sell through Amazon’s platform.

2.Know your numbers

Everything you need to know about Amazon fees, calculating profit margins, ROIs, cash flow, dimensional weight, duties, 3PL costs, forecasting and understanding how to approach Amazon based on your specific budget.

3.Product research & development

Learn how to easily find opportunities for new products and brands that fit your budget. Understand how to think like your customer and what makes them tick.
Follow our step by step research process and learn how to differentiate, customise and improve your products to stand out from the crowd. Become an Amazon FBA product research pro.

4.Creating a brand

The fundamentals of what brands are at their core, why they’re so important to build and how you can approach Amazon with a brand first mindset.
We look at examples of great brands off and on Amazon and help you approach naming and creating your own amazing brands.

5.The “Case Study” Module

See a concrete example where we show you a product that we would sell ourselves.
An inside look at the step by step process with a real product. We take you through how we found it, what we’d do to customise it, brand it and how we’d approach launching it.

6.Sourcing & shipping

Everything you need to know to safely source and ship products from your suppliers into Amazon. We teach you how to navigate Alibaba and speak to suppliers.
How to negotiate better payment terms, place your first order, arrange product inspections and create your packaging and barcodes. There’s no stone left unturned.

7.Creating 10/10 Amazon listings

One of the keys to FBA success top quality, high converting Amazon listings.
We guide you through creating every part of the product listing to help you resonate with your target customer and maximise conversions.
We teach you how to do in-depth keyword research and how to plan everything from top to bottom.

8.Amazon PPC & external traffic

New to PPC? We’ve got you. Ease yourself in with step by step guides on how to setup and optimise your PPC campaigns.
We keep everything simple, allowing you to structure your PPC launches with ease and scale as your business grows.
We’ve also got advanced PPC videos from PPC specialist Lucas Kwiatkowski and guides on external traffic from 7 figure seller Sumner Hobar.

9.Amazon SEO & product launches

Follow our step by step process for successfully launching your products on Amazon using an aggressive, structured approach to maximise your chances of success.
You’ll learn how the algorithm works and what you need to do to rank your products organically.

10.Post launch & scaling your FBA brand

Everything you need to do to manage and scale your products and brands after you launch your 1st product.
We’ll help you decide where and how you should scale, to EU markets, with new variations or by entering new sub-niches.
You’ll learn how to manage and scale your business.