The Elevated Entrepreneur Mindset By Matt Clark


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The Elevated Entrepreneur Mindset By Matt Clark – Instant Download!

The Elevated Entrepreneur Mindset Online Course

Access the mental tools and processes I’ve used to sell $200 million online, build three companies worth an estimated $90 million, and create the fastest-growing coffee company in the U.S.
What you’ll get:

  • Action-focused online course giving you these exact processes & tools to elevate yourself as an entrepreneur
  • The fastest way to create motivation so you stop hoping it appears
  • A simple daily checklist I use to massively increase productivity
  • The simple app I use (and how to use it) to create a mental shield against the inevitable negative influences and problems we face as entrepreneurs
  • For each lesson, you get an action-focused video, worksheet, transcript, and audio recording

The Elevated Entrepreneur Mindset By Matt Clark, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • Additional Resources & Bonuses
  • 01-Master Workbook.pdf
  • 01-Welcome to the Program!.mp4
  • 02-The Truth About Goals.mp4
  • 03-Massive Action Creates Momentum.mp4
  • 04-The Only Two Guardrails You Nced in Lifc.mp4
  • 05-The Daily Checklist.mp4
  • 06-Positive Priming.mp4
  • 07-Focus on What You WanLmp4
  • 08-Do the Maximum, Not the Minimum.mp4
  • 09-Move Faster.mp4
  • 10-Don’l Be an Ostrich.mp4
  • 11-Focus on Building an Asset.mp4
  • 12-Get Results.mp4
  • 13-Use All Free Traffic Sources to Grow Your Sales.mp4
  • 14-Take 100% Responsibility.mp4