Talmadge Harper – Super Sales Person

Talmadge Harper
Super Sales Person

This is one of the best creations I have made, its based on the pheromone formula, however its direct towards attracting new clients. Not only will you attract new clients for your business or profession, but you will also be an amazingly gifted salesperson. This product is going to rock your world. You don’t need to study NLP for hours, or go to some stupid seminar in a vegas motel with a bunch of pumped up hyper people trying to make you a better sales person. All you need to do is change your subconscious programming and watch the magic happen!!! Enjoy!

What’s included in the download?
Super Sales Person Unleashed with music
Super Sales Person Unleasehd without music

What’s the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Listen before you go to bed, at least once a day for 2 weeks. Most people say results happen within 1-7 days.

What is the expected outcome?
1. The fear of rejection when cold calling or talking to new clients will be erased
2. You will attract an abundance of new clients
3. You will find that your ability persuade will magically increase
4. You will find that you thrive in the sales for your own business or if you are working for someone else
5. You will free yourself from any emotional, mental or subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from truly making a sh*t load of money
6. you will notice these changes in as little as 10 days

What commitment do you have to make?
Listen to this mp3 once a day before you go to bed so you can fall asleep listening. You will see results in the first week. However you will need to listen each night for 21 days to ensure success. It is VITAL that you use a high quality pair of ear buds or headphones. Cheapo 3 dollar ear buds or ear phones are not capable of capturing all the isochronal tones and subliminals. Keep in mind that this is a subliminal , so you will not be able to hear anything being said, it is designed this way to bypass your conscious mind.

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