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Talmadge Harper – New Hypnosis Courses
  • Talmadge Harper – New Hypnosis Courses

Talmadge Harper – New Hypnosis Courses


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Talmadge Harper – New Hypnosis Courses

Original Hypnosis Course
I basically designed this course based on what I wish people had taught me when I first learned. There is no useless fluff, or endless lectures, I get straight to the point. I PROMISE that the stuff you learn here you will not learn any place else. You can count on that! Just check out the reviews, they speak for themselves! The class contains over 22 lectures and videos

New Hypnosis Course

Secrets of Instant Inductions
Learn the secrets and tips on how to perform instant and rapid inductions using hypnosis. You get video and mp3 lectures on how to do the technique perfected by Rex himself. This course is included in the New Hypnosis Course, so if you already purchased that, you will find the material there. However if you want to test out at a low risk , you can just purchase this self contained module and learn how to do instant inductions! Once you purchase this product you will be given download access to the website to access your product.

The Art of the Telepathic O
In this series, I share my personal experiences in using hypnosis to telepathically assist my friends in experiencing the big O. I also share my own personal techniques that I used which are based upon Indian and Tibet practices of the mind. While this may seem fantastic its been done for centuries. When you hypnotize someone, you from a telepathic connection with that person. As a result, that person is able to respond to your thoughts and visualizations. Its a truly fascinating topic that I hope you find interesting.

The Confidence to Hypnotize
This product is designed to give you amazing confidence to hypnotize strangers or your loved ones. This product is %100 effective and you will notice a dramatic difference your first week.You must have a minimum knowledge of how to hypnotize before using this product. Guarantee you will be out hypnotizing people in 30 days or your money back!

The Art of the Mind Doll

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