Steve Siebold – Bill Gove Speech Workshop

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Steve Siebold – Bill Gove Speech Workshop

What You Get:

  • The Professional Keynote Speech Writing System
  • The Most Common Mistake Speakers Make
  • The Theatrics Used by Professional Speakers
  • How Pro Speakers Dramatize Their Key Content
  • How Pro Speakers Stay Consistently Great
  • How/Why Speakers Purposely Wreck Their Speeches 
  • How Speakers Have Fun with the Toughest Audiences
  • How Great Speeches Sound So Conversational
  • What Speakers Can/Can’t Do with Their Bodies
  • What to Remove From Your Speeches
  • How to Excite An Audience
  • How to Avoid Monotony
  • What to Do If You Go Blank Onstage
  • The Professional Keynote Speech Development System
  • The Miracle Cure for Stage Fright
  • ​The Most Common Speaker Mistakes
  • ​The Most Critical Question in Speech Writing and Delivery
  • ​How Speakers Engage Audiences
  • ​Three Key Elements of Standing Ovation Speeches
  • ​​How to Excite An Audience
  • ​The Order of Speech Writing
  • ​Creating Your Unique Points of View
  • ​Power Sharing with The Audience
  • ​Bill Gove’s World-Famous Vignette System
  • ​Measuring Your Laughs Per Minute