Sintra – 1099+ Marketing CHATGPT Prompts

That’s why we’ve vetted and found the top proven prompts to automate most areas of your work.

Automate 2,300+ tasks

From marketing, sales, support, HR to startup, real estate and agency work.

10,000+ mind-blowing prompts

Trusted and vetted for uncanny performance.

The most advanced prompt pack on the planet.

With over 2,300 tasks and 10,000 prompts.

Unlock peak ChatGPT performance with Sintra Plus.

ChatGPT needs exact phrases. ChatGPT is a piece of smart code, not a human.

It takes time to find quality prompts. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in finding prompts that generate good results.

More complex tasks require advanced prompting. The more complex the task, the more advanced the prompt required.

Just a single word can ruin results. Slight wording change or punctuation can change output results.

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