Samar Owais – eCommerce Email Bootcamp

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Samar Owais – eCommerce Email Bootcamp


  • All 6 workshops so you can learn what’s working right NOW in the world of eCommerce.
  • All Q&A Sessions to remove any doubts or confusion.
  • 35+ templates + handouts to set up your systems FAST!
  • 6 guest expert workshops so you can learn advanced business-building strategies.
  • 2 Strategy session to test your email chops.
  • Bonus Workshop: Discovery Call Secrets. Learn the art of impressing leads when you don’t have experience, samples, or client testimonials.

Workshop 1:

Fundamentals of eCommerce Emails Done Right

In this tactical workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The 10 key principles that’ll give you the confidence to call yourself a “strategist”.
  • How to use these principles to make writing eCommerce emails so much easier.
  • Exactly what to do so you can help your clients get those big wins.

Workshop 2:

The Email Sequences (and Emails) An eCommerce Business Needs

This 60-90 minute workshop will equip you with:

  • The FOUR questions you need to ask before writing a single eCommerce email.
  • 12 email sequences (including a non-traditional abandoned cart sequence!) that an eCommerce brand needs.
  • 7 standalone emails that every eCom brand should have.
  • Samar’s Proprietary eCommerce Email Conversion Funnel.

Workshop 3:

How to Write Copy for eCommerce Emails (and Wireframe Them)

This info-packed workshop teaches you:

  • How to write emails that sell like toilet paper in a pandemic.
  • 12 email sequences (including a non-traditional abandoned cart sequence!) that an eCommerce brand needs.
  • The 7 copy components of EVERY eCommerce email.
  • Samar’s best (and easy!) technique to wireframe emails.

Workshop 4:

How to Audit an Email Sequence

Running an audit will be a walk in the park with this workshop that’ll show you:

  • Why audits are essential and important for eCom brands (and YOU!).
  • How to start with a 15-minute heuristic audit (and how to position this!).
  • A 17-point audit checklist and what to check in each section.
  • How to avoid scope creep AND still sell audits.

Workshop 5:

Ins and Outs of eCommerce Email Strategy

This info-packed workshop will give you skills to map out and present an entire email marketing strategy confidently:

  • 21 tangible questions to ask when starting with a strategy call for instant authority and credibility.
  • Insight into how to create your email strategy guiding philosophy and then make informed decisions.
  • Know-how to distill the info you glean from the calls to create your email strategy.
  • The 3 questions you need to ask when designing the email journey to ensure your strategy has NO holes.

Workshop 6:

A-Z of Running an eCommerce Email Project

This 40-60 minutes workshop will give you the confidence to present your work like a pro with:

  • “Samar-stamped” client-ready templates to help you create eCommerce brand profiles, storyboard your emails, and deliver them.
  • A 12-page Client Project Questionnaire to make onboarding your eCom client both painless and data-rich.
  • Handouts to help you organize your VoC data.