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Robin Robins – 2 Hour Marketing Miracle 2017

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Robin Robins – 2 Hour Marketing Miracle 2017

Robin Robins – 2 Hour Marketing Miracle 2017

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Getting in front of IT leads at a seminar or webinar creates rapport and shrinks the IT sales process. But you’re not a marketer or event coordinator. To effectively execute an MSP event, you need a detailed MSP marketing plan to follow.

If you run an IT consulting firm and want an effective, repeatable marketing system to attract and close more high-quality prospects, this program is for you. In just two hours, you’ll learn how to promote and hold successful, lucrative IT seminars and webinars to sell managed services.

MSP Marketing Materials To Sell More Managed Services In 1 Day

As a trusted MSP consultant to more than 7,000 IT firms, I’ve spent 10+ years running IT webinars and seminars.

I’ve compiled every resource you’ll need to hold successful and dirt-cheap MSP events including webinars and seminars.

Hundreds of MSPs have used this IT services marketing plan to coordinate and promote revenue-generating events.

In this program, I’ll walk you through how to:

  • Document goals and success metrics for your IT webinar or seminar
  • Define your ideal target market
  • Differentiate your IT services and effectively communicate your value
  • Create your presentation and deliver the IT seminar content
  • Market your MSP event
  • Plan all seminar and webinar logistics

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