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Multi (EMA) Cross Indicator – ThinkorSwim – Simpler Trading – Instant Download!

Multi (EMA) Cross Indicator - ThinkorSwim - Simpler Trading
Multi (EMA) Cross Indicator – ThinkorSwim – Simpler Trading

How Do We Use It?
We use the Multi-EMA Cross to quickly understand trend changes across multiple timeframes.

The indicator can be customized to your own preferences for a short term and longer term EMA. A common setting is 8 & 21 EMAs.

The idea is that when the shorter term EMA crosses positively through a longer term EMA, that indicates increasing momentum and potential trend change.

When a shorter term EMA crosses a longer term EMA to the upside the indicator shows green.
When a shorter term EMA crosses a longer term EMA to the downside the indicator shows red.

We always want to ensure that if we are long that we are seeing primarily green crosses and if we are short primarily red crosses.

Being able to see this dynamic across many timeframes all at once gives us an incredible amount of information about momentum and trend.

Watch the video to see how our trader Allison Ostrander explains how she utilizes this indicator.

This breakthrough indicator is designed to help you identify market turns faster and more accurately. This allows you to decide to get in and out of trades according to the expected size of the move. The ‘secret sauce’ is that the Multi-Cross can show you moving average crossovers from 18 timeframes on ONE chart. That’s how it’s possible to tell when to expect a small move or a much larger move in advance. The Multi-Cross is a fantastic complement to a variety of Simpler Trading tools (especially the Multi-Squeeze).

EMA crossovers can be a harbinger of trend change or a way to understand trend quality. When we see a fast EMA cross a slower EMA that indicates increasing market momentum and we always want to stay on the right side of momentum and trend.

That is why we developed the Multi-EMA Cross. This indicator allows us to set up to eighteen different timeframes to scan for these EMA crosses.

At a glance, we can see positive or negative EMA crosses on 5-min, 15-min, hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

A trader can set the indicator to scan up to eighteen of these timeframes all at once and show that information in the top left of the chart, so regardless of timeframe in focus, all the information about EMA crosses is available.