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Mike Paul – Real Estate Contact Crossfire + OTO1 + OTO2
  • Mike Paul – Real Estate Contact Crossfire + OTO1 + OTO2

Mike Paul – Real Estate Contact Crossfire + OTO1 + OTO2


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Mike Paul – Real Estate Contact Crossfire + OTO1 + OTO2

Get Mike Paul – Real Estate Contact Crossfire + OTO1 + OTO2


Discover The Explosive Secrets Not One In 100 Consultants Know About Realtors

“Former Realtor Refines Technique That Signs Realtor Clients as Fast As They Can Be Contacted.”

Imagine Showing Realtors How To Turn Their Expensive Supposedly ‘Dead’ Leads …Into Great Commissions…AND How To Turn This ‘Unfair Advantage’ Into A $5,000+ Monthly Income For YOU, Starting From Ground Zero.

Finally, End The Stress And Anxiety Of Worrying How To Get Your Next Client…You’ll Have MORE Than Enough.

“I have finally cracked the code to signing all the RE clients you’ll ever need. If you give me one hour of your time, I will show you exactly how I do it…and how you can do, it step-by-step.” 

– Mike Paul

Mike Paul here with a 100% true story…

Some of you know I spent many years in the real estate business..

What I learned about real estate was valuable.

What I learned about Realtors was PRICELESS..

I learned what motivates them (hint: its not just money)

I learned what they’re willing do and what they want to avoid.

I learned how to talk their language , heck I was one.

I saw what they responded to with outside vendors.

And I definitely saw what they hated.

Modesty aside, I think this uniquely prepared me to offer marketing consulting to them

And I KNOW I can help you do better landing realtors as clients and making greater fees.

I’ve developed a new a way for any dedicated Offline Local Consultant to boost their income by thousands every month.

In some cases you’ll make enough ‘EXTRA’ to radically improve your lifestyle.

I’m talking things like a new luxury car, multiple vacations, private schools for your kids, or just some extra security socked away in the bank.

Yet, (and I know this may be hard to swallow) the time and effort it takes will be a fraction of what you are probably doing now.

How I Figured This Little Marketing Gem Out…

Agents come into the real estate business wanting to build a career.  And while their intentions are sincere, their actions tell a different story.

Like every working adult they also need income and the typical agent REALLY wants to make a sale NOW.

They are being bombarded by industry ads that boast “get high quality leads that close this month!”

Real estate “coaches” are training them to find out if prospects are buying in the next 60 days!

Any prospect out of this 60 day window… you need to kick to the curb!”, the coaches say.

Here’s the part they are COMPLETELY MISSING…

Home Buying is NOT AN EVENT It’s A PROCESS.

It’s a cycle where prospects…

  • Usually look online
  • Make semi-interested inquiries to an agent
  • Finally contact an agent to view homes
  • Purchase and finally go to closing (30-50 days later)

According to…

Home buyers search online for over 6 months before even contacting an agent!

Then it may take months to find the right home to make an offer on.

Yet, agents think only ‘immediate leads’ are good leads!

The National Association of Realtors says…

70% of homebuyers work with the ‘first agent’ they speak to!

But don’t be confused…

When the buyer IS ready to start physically looking at homes

The ‘First Agent’ Who Is… TOP-OF-MIND will be the one they work with whether it’s by chance or planned.

The smart agent can make ONE…just ONE critical adjustment, and generate a literal flood of sales — more than just about any other agent out there!

HOW? By Follow-up.

But not just any type of follow-up!

Automation is the key.  But not with autoresponders, robodialers or text marketing.

It’s a way to be in front of prospects without the hassle of old school ‘salesy’ real estate follow-up techniques.

How To Change the Game For Agents and Generate Large Consultant Checks


Take an online homebuyer lead that just hits the real estate agent’s inbox.

This time the agent does NOT try to ‘sell’ that prospect.

Instead, she just makes contact to say…

“Hi, I hope you’re not offended by my call but I wanted to say THANK YOU – for using my site.

I’m here if you need anything later on…by the way there’s a way to get brand new home listings without having to speak to an agent.  Can I send you how to do it?”

Whoa! What a difference, right?

At THIS stage, its precisely what the prospect WANTS to hear!

Most will not be ready now and the other leads will be tossed around like a hot potato among tons of other agents!

So… the achilles heel of real estate agents is…

Lack of Follow-Up.

They just don’t do it.

Frankly the amount of follow up it takes for just one legit prospect can take a lot out of an agent.

Now imagine having to follow up with 100s of leads in a growing database!

But relax…You’ll be introducing the Realtor to the Ultimate Follow-up Tool that effortlessly conquers this task.

This follow-up system tool beats

  • Phone calls
  • Email drips
  • Postal mail
  • In-person visits

I’m going to reveal a hands-off system that is a ‘set-it and forget it’…but is more effective than all the other methods.

It promotes the essence of what the RE agent wants to say, the image they feel most comfortable presenting:

Remember me!…the nice agent who isn’t pushy!  When you’re ready, I’m ready.

If you think RE Agents are satisfied with Referrals and Follow-up from Zillow and other Corporate Sources…


All day long on forums agents complain about the poor results from these ‘leads.’

What many dont know is, it may not be the leads that suck, but where the lead is in the SALES CYCLE.

If agents don’t have a system to work these leads over months,
not weeks or days…

Then ANY Lead can be viewed as ‘JUNK”!

Maybe its not the leads that are so bad but its

“Change The Way You Work The Leads And You’ll Change The Outcome”.

NOW, you can introduce a new digital approach to the re agent that makes many of those leads worth a fortune.

Not 1 in 100 consultants is carrying this message to the Realtors…

YOU will be recognized as the Authority on Follow-up and watch your value to Realtors SOAR!

“What Do I sell the RE Agents?” Problem Solved With RE Contact Crossfire.

Most consultants are not sure what to sell Realtors. They often say, “OK I understand they need help, but what do I offer them?”

I’m showing you EXACTLY what to sell AND giving you the tools to implement it. This is practically a PAINT-BY-NUMBERS system.

Training similar to this usually sells for hundreds of dollars (even thousands)…

in fact big name RE trainers hold seminars where agents pay HUNDREDS of dollars to learn marketing…

…much of what doesn’t even work!!

…and its usually not as comprehensive OR as focused on RE contact.

This isn’t just some old fashioned contact system” -it’s about HOW To nurture prospect leads all the way to the bank!

This training helps consultants like you offer a service to assist agents with “follow-up” to their current database of “present” leads and also their database of “past happy clients”.

The digital/web based/online billboard automatically follows the prospect to create a top-of-mind atmosphere.

As consultants we usually think in terms of getting a lot of clients, so we can make a good living.

And in some client niches, that’s probably true.

And you would think it would apply to the Realtor niche…

But it doesnt with THIS system.

Why? Because we can go DEEP with the realtor and be doing more for them than many other clients.

Think about this:
Realtors can utilize many of the digital marketing we are expert at..

Video Property tours
Video Interviews
YouTube Ranking
Squeeze Pages/Single Site Pages
Website Design/Redesign
Social Media Management
Direct Mail Campaigns
Email Outreach Campaigns
Personalize Marketing Materials
PPC Management
LinkedIn Optimization
Content Marketing Online
…And Traditional Print Marketing

These services lend themselves to ongoing service. Most are not one-time events.

Real estate is an extremely competitive business, so agents cannot be without up-to-date marketing ideas and implementation.

The average realtor client with this system is NOT ‘average’. They will, over time, spend more and
retain the consultant longer…because your involvement will be deeper and have a greater impact.

So, you will likely need fewer of them and it will be easier to manage your production for them.

By the way, this is the direction more agents are headed to: Working closely with an experienced
marketing expert…like you!

You’re Getting a 95-Page PDF Manual Along With Step-By-Step Video Training:

Training Video 1 – SOI Marketing explained

Training Video 2 – Setting up a Business Fan page

Training Video 3 – Setting up your business manager

Training Video 4 – Accessing your client’s accounts

Training Video 4 – Accessing your client’s accounts

Training Video 5 – Creating engaging posts

Training Video 6 – Setting up an SOI campaign

Training Video 7 – Setting up an SOI ad

Training Video 8 – *RB landing pages

Training Video 10 – Installing a pixel

Training Video 11 – Lookalike campaign and ad creation

You won’t just be prepared for today’s sales, you’ll be filing a..

Pipeline For The Future.

  • Discover the Secrets To An Almost Instant Realtor client
  • Use this little-talked about method to land RE Agent clients who are already interested in meeting you.
  • What to say to Your Best Client Source to get them to respond
  • A clever “system” that can do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you when looking for the better RE Agents
  • The ridiculously simple set of tasks to do when you first start working with a RE Agent
  • A counter intuitive way to look at new agents VS very experienced agents
  • The “sneaky trick” to finding a good agent and client. THis almost never fails. (but do it ethically)
  • No-Nonsense Way To Follow-up with lead sources.(hint: do NOT use autoresponders!)
  • Discover which Realtors you should prospect most.
  • Should you approach office managers?
  • The real RE Agent turnover in the business is so high, and why it actually HELPS you
  • What to say when the Realtor says, “Our company already does that for us…or our company is against that”
  • (This reply not only kills one of the most frustrating objections freelancer marketers hear, but it also builds your sales posture and credibility.)
  • Approaches that require zero convincing, no begging, no pitching, or manipulating at all. The shy persons dream.
  • The BIGGEST mistake you can make with realtors.
  • How To sign 5 Realtor clients in the next 60 days And Make $6,500. Monthly.
  • Why new agents are just as valuable to you as experienced agents…you’ll be surprised.

Real Estate course

What is real estate? Learn about Real Estate

Real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit.
Improvement of realty property as part of a real estate investment strategy is generally considered to be a sub-specialty of real estate investing called real estate development.
Real estate is an asset form with limited liquidity relative to other investments,
it is also capital intensive (although capital may be gained through mortgage leverage) and is highly cash flow dependent.
If these factors are not well understood and managed by the investor, real estate becomes a risky investment.