Justin Wilmot – Mobile Wholesaling

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Justin Wilmot – Mobile Wholesaling

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Mobile Wholesaling by Justin Wilmot
​A system designed to help you find deals, so you can flip houses from anywhere in the world using only your mobile device
Mobile Wholesaling Course Video’s Included

Video #1 – The Mindset of a Mobile Wholesaler
Video #2 – Breakdown of a virtual wholesale transaction from start to finish
Video #3 – Building your dream team (internal)
Video #4 – Building your dream team (external)
Video #5 – Building your dream team (virtual)
Video #6 – Technology for staying connected and on task
Video #7 – Ninja lead source
Video #8 – Magic Mail Piece
Video #9 – Drop Date Tips
Video #10 – Who takes the motivated seller call
Video #11 – Where do the seller leads go
Video #12 – How to manage your CRM
Video #13 – Pulling comps and analyzing
Video #14 – Boots on the ground
Video #15 – Ninja negotiating skills
Video #16 – Justified offer
Video #17 – The Contract
Video #18 – Online cash buyer marketing
Video #19 – Offline cash buyer marketing
Video #20 – Zillow rental app
Video #21 – Cash buyer negotiation skills
Video #22 – Having the right title attorney
Video #23 – Opening escrow
Video #24 – Coordinating closing
Video #25 – Getting paid

​Mobile Wholesaling Course Forms Included

Acquisitions Manger Job Description
Buy Side Agreement to Assign Contract for Sale and Purchase
Assignment Agreement
Cash Buyer Letter Template
Cash Buyer Questionnaire
Cash Buyer Script
JV Wholesaler Script Template
Craigslist Ad Template
Motivated Seller Open Ended Questions
Motivated Seller Phone Script
VA Email Intro Script for Fiverr
State Specific Forms & Contracts
Seller Lead Script
Private Email Chain
Corporate Resolution
Preferred Vendor List
Mobile Apps for Finding Rentals
Operation Managers Typical Task List
​VA Task List​

Mobile Wholesaling InstaBiz Team

Cash buyers list resources
Outbound cash buyer VA’s
Virtual sales associates
VA marketing admin/management
Deal funding resources
Optional business credit funding
​And more…

Here Is What You’re About To Receive:

Over the Shoulder Walkthrough a Real Flip For Real Success – How a Complete Beginner Can Earn Income Using Any Mobile Device Without Owning Any Real Estate
​Leverage 3 Free Apps For Immediate National Access – Now You Can Flip A House In Any Market 100% Virtually With Nothing Other Than A Wifi Connection
Free Seller Lead Strategies – Quickly Fill Your Seller Lead Pipeline From the Comfort Of Wherever You Are Anytime
​Free Buyer Lead Strategies – Quickly Fill Your Buyer Lead Pipeline From the Comfort Of Wherever You Are Anytime

​Our Attorney Created Contracts – Every Legal Document You Need to Start Profiting
​ FULL Email Support – Quickly get Your Questions Answered
​Our Preferred and Trained Virtual Assistants – Save Countless Amounts Of Time By Obtaining Immediate Access to Our Trained Ready To Go Virtual Assistants So  You Can Hit The Ground Running Immediately
​ Daily Action Task List
​ 27 Detailed Training Video Modules
​​BONUS #1: “Virtual Wholesaling Blueprint” – Discover The Secret Checklist We Use To Close Any Virtual Deal
​ BONUS #2: Preferred Funding Resources – You Will Never Need A Penny Of Your Own Cash Or Credit. With These Resources We Have You Covered
​ And So Much More…

Mobile Wholesaling Reviews
“My FIRST Wholesale Deal””I signed up for Justin’s wholesale program exactly one year ago from today. Believe me when I say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My first deal came in December of 2016 and I got a check for $12,000. Since that first deal, I have completed four more deals and recently quit my old J-O-B.”

​                                                                                                   -Larry Crickon

​”Wire To My Account For $22,000!””Justin: Thanks for being there as a fantastic mentor and changing my life. I’m sending you a picture of a wire to my account for 22k from a wholesale deal that wouldn’t have happened without your coaching.”

-Cy Anthony

​”HOLY GRAIL of Real Estate Investing””I was about to give up when i came across what I call the “Holy Grail” of real estate investing. I followed Justin’s system step-by-step and successfully flipped my first property for $7,000! Thank you!”
-Jason France

​”Another PAYDAY!””I got another one! $12,000 on my second wholesale deal! Thank you for EVERYTHING Justin”
-Roy Leach

​”Got My First Check :)””I just wanted to update you that I got my first check. It was a critical moment that proved to me that it was possible. Thank you for the knowledge you gave me I have no doubt I couldn’t have closed that deal without the system and knowledge you taught me!”
-Itay Masarano

​”CASHED IN On A House I Never Saw””I cashed in on a nice payday on a house that I never saw, never met with the buyer or seller, and used none of my own money. I actually never left my house except for walking to my mailbox to pick up the check that the title agent sent me.”
-Will Buckmaster

​”Just The BEGINNING””My buyer agreed and signed at $139k. I used the documents you recommended and they are going to Chicago Title in LV. We have a lot of happy people today. Thanks Justin. The first is the hardest, and this is just the beginning.”

-Daniel Whitney

​”Closed My FIRST Deal!””I closed my first deal and deposited it in the bank! Thank you for pushing me through and guiding me! I can’t wait for the next one!”

-Daniel Kurdyla

​”30K in the ONE Month!””Hey Justin, I now have four people working for me helping me with my mailing campaign. As a result I got my first big payday which will help me fund my next co-wholesaling venture.” Craig and Diane have since went on to do over 30K in profit in just one month.

-Craig and Diane Jones

​”Closed for 20K!””Since joining the program I’ve got my first contract in 17 days, closed that deal for $20K, AND have 4 more contracts I’m finding buyers for right now.”
-Chris White

About Justin Wilmot

​Before Justin Wilmot became a Real Estate Mogul buying, renovating, wholesaling, developing properties and teaching others how to gain financial freedom by doing the same, he had his share of obstacles. To being raised in a toxic environment, barely passing grade school, dropping out of community college and bankrupting his first company, Justin’s story of overcoming these brutal obstacles is real proof anyone with a burning desire can make it in life.
Fast forward 10 years, he has become a real estate powerhouse flipping hundreds or houses valued over $100MM, has thousands of students across the nation gain financial freedom, and was named most noticeable real estate investor under 30 (at the time).

​He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance real estate coach and educator. A former Pro-amateur competitive surfer, world traveler, father of three and husband to his beautiful high school sweetheart.  He now owns 3 successful companies in the real estate space allowing him to not only live his ideal lifestyle traveling the world surfing but to help others achieve their ideal lifestyle as well.