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Real Commerce by Matt Kelly

‘how to build a 6-7 figure brand in any market, without the frustration, confusion & months of wasted time’

‘a fully comprehensive guide on how to go from idea to reality building your own online brand from a bedroom’

what’s included In Real Commerce by Matt Kelly?

Real Commerce by Matt Kelly has been designed from the ground up to guide you, step by step, from idea to launch


Over 12+ hours of in depth, no BS video content across 7 sections & 52 lessons


Templates, documents & downloads created to make your life easier


Real life examples, anecdotes and lessons throughout – no theory, just reality

52+ videos

of training over 7 sections, covering the process start to finish

12+ hours

of authentic, no BS video content diving deep into all areas


revenue generated by your instructor across multiple brands

First timers

zero prior experience, you want to learn how to get started


looking to develop to the next stage and build a long term brand

D2C Founders

who want to refine & upgrade their knowledge learning from others

who am I?

in summary, I’m an obssessive ecom entrepreneur who’s been in the game for 7 years, has built multiple successful brands and am still actively in the trenches building my next project – I’ve experienced many highs, lows, wins & losses along the way and have a depth of experience far beyond anyone providing this sort of content online – watch the full length vid further below on this page or my new podcast to find out more! 🙂

what have I built?

I’ve been building brands since 2015, from dropshipping, to print on demand to fully bespoke products stocked in UK warehouses – but most recently I built & scaled 2x multi-million £££ brands which I’ve recently exited from – and I’m now building my next brand in a new market

what will you learn

built by experienced brand owners for aspiring ones

this isn’t some fluffy theoretical crap created by a ‘guru’ or ‘coach’ with no experience – this has been built by real brand owners who are still actively in the game, building and scaling brands right now – real experience with a real & raw approach