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Mark I’Anson – Dominate Your Ground
  • Mark I’Anson – Dominate Your Ground

Mark I’Anson – Dominate Your Ground


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Mark I’Anson – Dominate Your Ground

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Publisher’s Summary

Dominate Your Ground is the revolutionary new book from Mark I’Anson, the renowned property investment trader, trainer, and coach. Dominate Your Ground details highly innovative techniques, all designed to dramatically improve your wealth opportunities through successful UK residential property trading and investments.

Learn how to effectively and profitably set up your own property trading business from the start, source the right below-market-value properties, convert and close deals, all from one of the country’s leading authorities on the subject.

This book is a must listen for anyone who has a genuine interest in trading in property and wants to realize an unrivaled level of profits!

It is an instruction manual which tells you exactly how to source the best property deals on “your patch”. If a property book can change your life then this is the one. I have owned the paperback for some years now and if you practice what it preaches then you will “dominate your ground” and be the go-to property person in your area beating the local estate agents to the best deals. You can buy all of them! Go get ’em.