Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process

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Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process

Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process

Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process


  • I give you a detailed blueprint that has successfully guided my clients from feeling ‘lost in life’ to gaining a crystal clear understanding of their life’s purpose. In this course, you will master the 3 skills essential to turn your passion into reality: MARKETING, SALES and PUBLIC SPEAKING.
  • I eliminate all the factors that contributed to setbacks in your past. You now have a clear and straightforward path, and are free from the ‘mental exhaustion’ of trying to it all out on your own.
  • Self doubt and fear of taking action are now things of the past! You now possess the knowledge to craft your dream life.
  • You always feel inspired and every day is filled with new excitement. You are living your passion and it never feels like you’re “working” again!
  • You have harnessed the power of personal branding, setting yourself apart as an authority in your area of expertise. This strategic positioning makes you stand out, attracting higher-level opportunities that continually enrich your life.
  • 62 Video Lessons
  • Module 1: Discover What You Love
  • Module 2: Design Your Life To Do More Of What You Love
  • Module 3: Marketing
  • Module 4: Your Personal Brand
  • Module 5: Sales
  • Module 6: Public Speaking
  • Module 7: Online Coaching

Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process

What’s inside:


  • FIND YOUR FIRE: Get access to my PASSION DISCOVERY TECHNIQUES that will unearth the activities that not only interest you, but also energize and inspire you!
  • YOUR CHARACTER & YOUR QUEST: Dive into a deep process of introspection to uncover your unique characteristics and align them with a life mission that resonates deeply with your personal identity and aspirations.
  • DEATH MEDITATION: Engage with the ancient practice of “Memento Mori” through a powerful guided meditation. This will strip away life’s superficialities and reveal a clear path to your most authentic self and desires.

Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process


  • SPINNING PLATES THEORY: This is the key to masterfully balance the 4 critical areas of life: health, wealth, relationships and happiness. This approach will ensure sustainability and prevent burnout.
  • GOAL MAPPING & YOUR NORTH STAR: How to identify your ideal life and bridge the gap with a detailed and actionable steps. Eliminate any “guesswork” and bring your desired future within reach.
  • WINNING HABITS: Unlock my personal workflow. These practices form the foundation of my success and will empower you to navigate life’s challenges with ease.

Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process


  • CAPTURING ATTENTION TACTICS: Understand the mechanics of how to grab and hold someone’s attention in a world of constant distractions. You will know how to craft a message that resonates and maintains interest.
  • LEVERAGING PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS: Explore the psychology of human nature and learn strategies that make you magnetic. Discover how to be unapologetically in a way that attracts and captivates.
  • NAVIGATING COGNITIVE BIASES: The breakdown of subconscious influences that shape our thoughts and actions. This is the key to persuasion and influence.


  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR PERSONALITY: Uncover the essence of your character and turn it into a superpower. Learn how to identify your unique traits, values, and life experiences and channel them into a compelling force.
  • THE ART OF STORYTELLING: How to create a relatable and inspiring personal narrative. Learn the techniques to shaping your experiences into powerful narratives, enhancing your ability to connect with others.
  • AUTHORITY BUILDING: Discover the secrets of projecting confidence and credibility. This module teaches you how to create authority and respect in the eyes of others by refining your communication skills.


  • EMPATHETIC SELLING SECRETS: Say goodbye to pushy tactics and hello to genuine connections. Learn why traditional sales techniques are outdated and how modern, empathetic approaches can skyrocket your success.
  • THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION: How to read your people’s deepest needs and desires. You will unlock the power of psychological insights to transform mere conversations into powerful opportunities.
  • VALUE-BASED SELLING: These tools alone will help you create win-win situations and turn potential barriers into stepping stones to success.


  • FROM INTROVERT TO INFLUENCER: How to turn your contemplative and thoughtful nature into a dynamic force in public speaking. Discover the strategies to effectively communicate, connect, and influence.
  • POWERFUL COMMUNICATION HACKS: Elevate your personal and professional interactions with proven charisma techniques. This will make your conversations count and leave a lasting impression.
  • SELLING FROM THE STAGE: Conquer public speaking fears with proven techniques. You will learn how to use your energy, tone, and storytelling to create a magnetic pull towards what you’re offering.


  • ONLINE COACHING UNLOCKED: Learn the secrets to building a thriving coaching business and connect with clients globally from the comfort of your home.
  • SHATTERING COACHING MYTHS: Transform your mindset and break free from common misconceptions like “I’m not ready yet” or “I need a big brand to succeed.”
  • CRAFTING AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER: How to create an offer that clients can’t refuse. This is where you will learn how to package your offer in a way that stands out.
  • THE 3 PILLARS OF ONLINE COACHING: Discover the essential foundations of a thriving coaching business and use this framework to identify and overcome any obstacles.
  • FINDING CLIENTS MADE EASY: Learn where your ideal clients are hiding and how to attract them. Uncover pain points and desires to tailor your approach to connect with them authentically.
  • ONLINE CLIENT ACQUISITION: Master the art of digital marketing for coaches. Use social media and content marketing to draw in clients who need your guidance.
  • OUTREACH STRATEGIES: Learn how to reach out to prospects and communicate your value in a way that resonates, turning them into loyal clients.
  • TAILOR-MADE COACHING PACKAGES: Use these frameworks to design a package that addresses specific client needs while maximizing your earnings.
  • ELITE COACHING STATUS: Adopt these advanced mindsets to enhance your coaching effective-ness and become a top coach in your industry.
  • CUTTING-EDGE COACHING SKILLS: Stay ahead of the competition with these innovative coaching techniques to offer the most effective coaching sessions.
  • HOW TO CREATE AN ONLINE COURSE: Streamline your coaching approach into a proven system. Discover the step-by-step process that I’ve used to create my online courses.
  • LEVERAGE WORD-OF-MOUTH: How to turn your clients into your biggest advocates. It’s so simple when you just follow the steps explained in this module.
  • SELF-CARE FOR COACHES: Prioritize your well-being to better serve others. You will learn what I do in between coaching sessions to stay energized, inspired and focused.
  • DELEGATION STRATEGIES: The power of delegation and how to scale your online coaching business.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING: Build a magnetic online presence. How to utilize social media platforms to showcase your unique coaching style and attract the right clients.

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Julien Blanc – The Purpose Process

Julien Blanc