John Colley – Copywriting Masterclass

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John Colley – Copywriting Masterclass

Copywriting Masterclass Discover my copywriting secrets – How to write copy that sells

Attention All Struggling Copywriters!

Here is how to create Amazing Impactful Copy in 14 Easy Steps to get more Conversions and Sales


  • Do You Struggle to Write Effective Course Descriptions that Sell?
  • Have You Published Amazing Courses on Udemy but nobody buys them?

When I posted my first Course, I had no idea how to optimize it for my potential Student Audience Teaching Online is a complex and evolving process and there is no way you can know what to do for the best, unless you endlessly experiment or somebody teaches you. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I have been where you are now.

This is why I have brought together my experience to create this brand new Course: “Copywriters 14 Step Formula: Write to Sell and Make Money”


This Course is based on my extensive experience of Udemy

  • My course on Udemy Strategic Course Design was just the
  • I have created 8 Udemy Courses of my own
  • I have interviewed over 70 Udemy Course Instructors, learning their secrets along the way I have enrolled in over 100 Udemy Courses and have critically analysed their content, structures and descriptions +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Imagine what creating Udemy Courses will be like after you have taken this Course.

That feeling of being overwhelmed by the whole course creation process will evaporate.

The whole experience will be so much easier and faster and above all it will become enjoyable as you will know exactly what to do.

When you launch your new Course, it will have real impact in the Udemy market place and attract many more students. In this Course you will learn:

  • How to write copy that is more compelling to your audience
  • How to understand what makes your audience tick
  • A clear framework for constructing your offer to your audience
  • How to turn copywriting into a simple and replicable process
  • How to ensure that your Course will out sell your competitors
  • Bonuses include Extra Lectures that you can include to increase your impact and your interaction with your students
  • And much, much more… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

What some of my previous students have said about my Courses:

Leslie Masaitis “Linkedin – “Double Your Network in Half the Time:

Concise, well-written, strategic This is the second of John Colley’s courses I’ve taken and will continue to take more. He organizes content to provide useful tips and tricks in manageable “chunks” so as not to overwhelm, clearly demonstrates where and how to perform tasks on screen, and his insights are strategically-minded and perfect for all levels of users. Very helpful information, would highly recommend.”

Christine Owens, “The Entrepreneurs Guide to up Funding

This course is very well structured and contains excellent information at each lecture. It is very practical and straightforward. I would recommend it.”


As with all my Courses:

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  • You will have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever
  • All future additional lectures, bonuses in this Course are always free
  • My help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question


This Course will continue to grow, new ideas, new lectures, new great tips, tricks and techniques…but the price will grow too!

This Course is available today at a great introductory price but this will soon have to go up!

However, if you enroll Today you are “locked in” – you will get all the new lectures and materials at NO extra cost – EVER! You can get unlimited lifetime access at no extra cost, but only if you enroll today +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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If you don’t act today, you will miss out on this great opportunity to develop your sales skills Just think of all those customers who you would otherwise win – they will close with your competitors

Do you really want to be stuck at Square One?+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Just imagine how you will feel when you understand how simple it is to write really effective sales letters.

The dread that you now feel when you sit down in front of a blank piece of paper will disappear!

This Course is being offered at a great introductory price which will have to go up soon.

Imagine how great you will feel when your Courses are more successful and you get more students and more sales!

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Your Instructor

John Colley

John began his career as a British Army Officer, graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1984.

After five years service, John elected to change career and entered Finance. The next twenty five years saw him work for a series of major Banking Organisations (ABN Amro, Security Pacific, West DeutscheLandesbank and Societe Generale).

In 2001 John co-founded his first Boutique Advisory firm, Pall Mall Capital and was involved as a co-founder of a second firm, IAF Capital in 2008.

John specialises in the Technology Sector and has expertise in ups, Business Strategy, Online Marketing, Capital Raising, Mergers and Acquisitions and Exits.

John is the Author of the Six Minute Strategist Blog (http://jbdcolley.com), the Online Learning Podcast on iTunes and is a best selling business course creator (+5500 students)

John is a Graduate from Cass Business School (London) with an MBA with Distinction and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments.

I enjoy sharing my experience through teaching and creating insightful and actionable e-learning courses.

Course Curriculum

  •  Introduction (4:42)
  •  How To Navigate This Course – Watch This Video (3:29)
The Psychology of Selling
  •  Get Your Psychology Right! (6:20)
  •  13 Sales Buttons You Need to Know How to Push (6:58)
  •  Copywriting to Sell 10 Steps you must Know (5:54)
  •  What are the Eight Universal Motivators? (6:34)
  •  How to Overcome Objections (7:59)
12 Secret Steps to Mastering the Basics of Copy Writing
  •  12 Secret Steps – Introduction (2:00)
  •  12 Steps – AIDA (1:36)
  •  12 Steps – Audience (1:54)
  •  12 Steps Format (2:01)
  •  12 Steps – Pain (1:51)
  •  12 Steps – Scarcity (2:22)
  •  12 Steps – Objections (2:20)
  •  12 Secret Steps – Headlines (2:16)
  •  12 Secret Steps – Risk (2:19)
  •  12 Secret Steps – Benefits (2:19)
  •  12 Secret Steps – Simplicity (1:53)
  •  12 Secret Steps – Readability (2:34)
  •  12 Secret Steps – Endorsements (2:30)
  •  12 Secret Steps – Summary and Wrap Up (3:06)
Copywriting Formulation – Understanding the Building Blocks of Great Copywriting
  •  Introduction to Copywriting Formulation (2:13)
  •  ing with AIDA (5:57)
  •  PAS Problem Agitation Solution (3:57)
  •  The 4 Ps (2:56)
  •  QUEST (3:42)
  •  Getting Your Images Right (2:06)
BASICS: How to Edit Sales Copy
  •  Can You Write Better Sales Copy? (5:43)
  •  20 Ways to Write Better Copy (11:16)
  •  Seven Guidelines for Editing (6:24)
How to Write Headlines
  •  What You Need to Know to Write Great Headlines (5:56)
Writing Great Sales Copy
  •  14 Step Formula to Writing Great Sales Copy (6:03)
Copywriting for Online Course Landing Pages
  •  Step 1 – The Header and Sub Header (2:11)
  •  Step 2 Defining the Problem (2:53)
  •  Step 3 Reveal Your Solution (2:12)
  •  Step 4 Credentials (2:34)
  •  Step 5 Demonstrate the Benefits (3:31)
  •  Step 6 Social Proof (3:39)
  •  Step 8 Add Bonuses (1:36)
  •  Step 9 Guarantees (2:39)
  •  Step 10 Scarcity (3:18)
  •  Step 11 Call to Action (3:17)
  •  Step 12 Give a Warning! (1:47)
  •  Step 13 – Give a Reminder (2:07)
  •  Step 14 – End with a P.S. (1:47)
  •  The Full Draft of the Course Description
  •  Online Course Landing Page Example (5:48)
UDEMY: Copywriting for Online Course Titles and Course Goals
  •  Copywriting for Online Course Titles (7:26)
  •  Copywriting for Course Goals (3:33)
  •  Copywriting and SEO for Course Descriptions (4:16)
Copywriting for Long Form Sales Letters
  •  Five Formulations for Sales Letters (2:38)
  •  The Five Point Sales Letter Formula (3:12)
  •  The Seven-Step Copywriting Formula for Sales Letters (4:32)
  •  The Nine Point Formula (5:32)
  •  The 18 Step Sales Letter (6:24)
  •  21 Part Sales Letter Formula (8:12)
  •  Bonus: 32 Step Power Copywriting Formula (7:42)
Build It With Us Course Sales Letter
  •  Case Study – Build it With Us Course Commentary on Sales Letter (6:09)
  •  Case Study – Build It With Us Course Original Draft of Sales Letter
  •  Case Study – Build It With Us Course Amended Draft
  •  Case Study – Build It With Us Course – Amended Draft Clean Copy
Copywriting for Blog Posts
  •  Copywriting for Blogs – Introduction (8:41)
  •  A Simple Formula for Blog Posts (3:56)
  •  Blog Post Copywriting Formula (9:13)
  •  Blog Post Editing Check List (8:20)
  •  Copywriting for Bullet Points (5:06)
  •  Copywriting for Testimonials (5:40)
Copywriting for High Converting Promotional Videos
  •  How to Create a High Converting Promotional Video (6:22)
  •  The Promotional Video for This Course Following the Script (1:54)
  •  The Promotional Video – Version 2 (2:02)
  •  Promotional Video Script Checklist
  •  2018 Update; The Formula for a Promotional Video (3:42)
  •  2018 Copywriting Course Promotional Video (2:44)
Copywriting for Landing Pages
  •  Copywriting for Landing Pages (4:04)
Copywriting for Video Sales Letters
  •  What is a Video Sales Letter? (2:49)
  •  How To Write an Attention Grabbing Video Sales Letter Headline (3:22)
  •  Video Sales Letter Basics (3:31)
  •  Video Sales Letter Outline (7:03)
Copywriting for Email
  •  Copywriting for Email (6:33)
  •  ACTIVITY: Analysis of a Long Form Story Telling Email (7:09)
  •  Email Copywriting Analysis 1 (5:17)
  •  How to Write Effective Welcome Emails (9:51)
Copywriting for Twitter
  •  Copywriting for Twitter: Entertain and Engage – Be Brief! (6:57)
Conclusion and Course Wrap Up
  •  Conclusion and Course Wrap Up (3:03)

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