Jay Bailey – Vega Modified Butterfly a Deep Dive

Vega Modified Butterfly: A Deep Dive

As pledged, we shall delve deeper into several of our most popular and profitable option strategies in our all-new On Demand Video Series. Our forthcoming product bears the name “The Vega Modified Butterfly.” Jay Bailey, a seasoned options trader and long-standing mentor at Sheridan Options Mentoring, has crafted a fresh On Demand Deep Dive Class. The matter of volatility risk inherent in Butterfly Strategies shall be discussed within the context of this OptionsTrading course.

Who Is Jay Bailey? Before joining the SOM team as a mentor, Jay Bailey had the role of a student at Sheridan Mentoring. Jay has served as a professor at Sheridan for more than a decade, and he is delighted to finally present this comprehensive examination of The Wheel Strategy to his students.

Traders who seek weekly income through a range-bound strategy often employ butterflies. Jay has developed a program with proven guidelines to aid you in trading butterflies and mitigating your exposure to volatility risk. Mark, one of Jay’s proteges, has been employing this hedged strategy successfully and lucratively for some time. Learn the Vega Hedge Strategy from Jay and Mark in their On Demand Class!

Vega Modified Butterfly: A Deep Dive with Jay Bailey As is customary with all our courses, you will receive a dedicated Class Page containing the videos and PowerPoint slides, which will be at your disposal. In my opinion, the most crucial element on the student Class Page is the Q&A button that you can click to pose questions about the course material. This way, you not only receive instruction but also have the opportunity to inquire with Jay if you encounter any uncertainties!

In this course, you will acquire knowledge about:

  • Determining your volatility environment
  • Steering clear of “directional” volatility trading
  • Adapting the butterfly for the IV environment
  • Butterfly setup and adjustments
  • Trading guidelines
  • Making downside adjustments for significant market moves