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Instagram with Intention + Social Stories
  • Instagram with Intention + Social Stories

Instagram with Intention + Social Stories


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Instagram with Intention + Social Stories

Instagram with Intention + Social Stories

Instagram with Intention + Social Stories

What you’ll discover inside…
« Prologue » Set-up for Success: Looking Like a Pro

TAYGIC (This ain’t your grandma’s Instagram class!) stop the crazy. No more being stumped with every new change once you embrace my philosophy

INSTAGRAM 101 are you sure you’re using all the features on the app to your advantage? I see some pretty silly mistakes out there …

SAFETY FIRST privacy, hacking & other deadly sins — do not skip this

THE GREAT BROUHAHA how to crush it with the algorithm & join me in the 30%

« Chapter One » Your Brand Story: A message that connects

INSTA-BUSINESS 101 InstaMarketing Madlibs for total clarity on who you’re really speaking to on Instagram

THE 4 STORIES IN YOUR CONTENT Stop the writer’s block & random posting! This is where your engagement begins …

A STORY ONLY HEARD HERE How Instagram differs from all your other social media for a following that grows instead of gets stuck on repeat

THE UMBRELLA BRAND How to post as a multi-passionate brand or person THE DUELING

PROFILE DEBATE Why you should — or should not — have multiple profiles

THE BOLD AND THE BOUNDARY Planning for your life as a future influencer (dream big, darling, or you’ll regret it later!)

« Chapter Two » Your Online Magazine: A first impression that captivates

NICE TO MEET YOU, CHARMED I’M SURE How to make the right first impression — that lasts

CREATIVELY DIRECTING 5 tactics to faking creative genius & looking like those profiles you never thought you’d be as cool as MICRO-

BLOGGING WITH MAXIMUM IMPACT What’s the purpose of captions? Oh. So. Much.

WORKFLOW How to run an Insta-empire from your phone

TESTING THE FREQUENCY How often should I post? What time of day? Which days?!

ENCOURAGE ENGAGEMENT How you truly build a tribe that converts

« Chapter Three » Your Growing Tribe: An invitation that delights

WORK WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YOU The first place to start growing your audience, tomorrow

HASHTAG #IMWITHHILARY Let’s get honest about Google’s #1 recommended way to grow

WORK THE ROOM How to warmly network, while NOT ruining your good time

GIVE MORE, GROW MORE Generosity is the French word for skyrocket. #trust

GIVE LOVE, GET LOVE My ninja shout-out strategy that breaks the mold

THE GOLDEN TICKET The single next step to expanding your empire

« Epilogue » Profitable & Purposeful > Popular: Finishing the story

MEANING > METRICS Finding your worth outside followers & likes

YOUR FUTURE AUDIENCE How to go pro in your growth

YOUR ENDGAME Turning fans & followers into customers & clients


« Chapter One » Creating: Content + Composition

5 CONTENT STRATEGIES FOR BRAND SIMPLICITY Stop wasting time and losing followers using these platforms like the average person, and start using them like a high level marketer to create ROI that leads to revenue.

THE C’s OF BRILLIANT STORY TELLING You’ve got one shot and folks are watching live. Never again worry about being boring or pointless, too long-winded or lacking a clear purpose or CTA.

« Chapter Two » Captivating: Lights, Camera, Action

Avoiding Awkward + Uncomfortable Stop making embarrassing pitfalls — with more grace, polish and poise.

Visuals, View + Voice What are all the tools you’ve never considered at your disposal to uplevel your presentations in a flash.

Hacking Cinematography Tips from pros that are easier to implement than you think once you understand the simple things they’re doing to stand out.

The Multi-Tasking Brain Speaking without notes, often while fielding comments, walking, being in the midst of the action, and more. Steal mysecrets onbecoming confident, compelling + captivating on camera.

« Chapter Three » Converting: Marketing + Sales

Identifying Different Cultures No two apps are alike, so as new platforms and versions roll out, how can you be sure you’re folding into the culture?

Boundaries + Privacy Learn how to be wise and safe about what you share, so you can then feel free to be yourself and making your audience feel welcome.

Capturing Real Life Tips and tricks to catch the moment, effortlessly, professionally without spending days re-filming/shooting.

Engagement + Marketing Endgame How do you close? Drive traffic? Make CTA’s? Be sure your time on Social is giving you a ROI. Don’t miss this business-only class.

6 P’s of Growth Hacking Learn my strategy to grow your following on ANY platform once and for all. No matter what new app or update comes out, how a platform rolls out changes. these are the techniques that will allow you to create a tribe for years to come.